Tuesday, May 8, 2018

High Parks Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom

Cherry Blossoms + High Park = Priceless.  I started following the Sakura Cherry Blossoms prediction of the best blooms webpage about 2 weeks ago.   These guys are good.  Considering a month ago, we had a freezing rain storm and on Thursday we had a hurricane wind storm, the prediction for peak blooms was May 7 to 12.  Now we get out the weather network predictions for the week and our plan is taking effect.  Monday I'm not working, it's sunny so off we go.  Everything was perfect, a wee bit chilly in the wind but we were dressed for it.  Once again we parked at Sunnyside and walked up.

This year was extra special as I had my daughter and her new little boy (my grandson :) with us.  He was crazy excited to see the blossoms - "can I eat them, because everything goes in my mouth".  Luckily Mommy knows how to make him smile (almost as big as her smile).

Greeting us when we came into the park was this herd of Llamas being walked through the trails.  I have been online to see if this is something you can volunteer for or do you pay for it.  Either way it was really cool.  Now next year Ethan might be more excited by this than the blossoms.  LOL

The sun was shining on the trees which made the pathway look magical.

Lots of babies, families and friends enjoying the beautiful treasure that these trees are.  Mother Nature did a wonderful job when she made the Cherry Blossom trees.
 The train is running and you can put your strollers on the front or in between the seats.  Next time :)

Can't visit High Park without taking a picture of the beautiful swans.  One of my fondest memories as a child when we came to Canada was coming here to see the swans.
Thanks Rachel and Ethan for making our visit to High Park extra special this year.  (Note, this is Rachel's picture, she is much better at selfie taking then I am.)


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