Sunday, October 8, 2017

Wedding Kilt Fitting Day

If anyone ever says there is no difference between boys and girls just go to a groomsmen fitting vs a bridesmaids fitting.  I have been lucky enough to have experienced both.  Rachel's was organized down to the minute.  Arrive at this time for croissants and champagne, head to first store, lunch, head to next store.  David's is a total fly by the seat of his pants.  First heads up I get is from Stephanie, it's mentioned a couple of times but no real plan.  So what time Dave, well the guys are going to arrive between 9 and 12.  Does the store know you are coming, well yeah I think so.  OK.  we'll be there probably closer to 11 and if anyone wants to join us for a beer and nachos after we'll take them.  Friday night another quick call and he has confirmed 11 am with the store and with the guys.  Perfect.  I think the free beer and nachos spurred him on.  LOL

Father of the groom excited to see all the boys again.  Most of these guys and their families we have known since they were around 5 years old.  Jim had the pleasure of coaching a number of them through their hockey years.

Filling out the paperwork.  There are 3 Andrew's and 2 Shawn's in the wedding party, so definitely want to get the right size to the right person.  

The groom enjoying his coffee as he greets his groomsmen.

This is when I start to notice another big difference between the boys and girls.  The girls were full make up, every piece of clothing they had on was perfectly thought out right down to their underwear.  Couldn't have a panty line showing through the dress.  The boys looked like they had just got out of bed, washed but not necessarily shaved. hair combed unless they had a hat on.  And most of them looking like they had an enjoyable Friday night.  LOL.
Trevor is up first.  Linda puts the kilt on them with their jeans on as she explains that the pleats go to the back and you don't wear it down on your hips, it has to be above your belly button.  Then off they go to take off their pants.
Trevor is all fitted out.  Next up is Shawn and then the boys start strutting.  Poor Linda, lots of jokes about what they have on under the kilt and to make sure the kilt is long enough.  I am sure she has heard it all.

It is getting close to 12, so of course it is time for a wee scotch.  Shots are passed around as the boys parade around in their kilts.  Another difference between boys and girls - no giggles here, just lots of deep laughter, especially as they realize how fun it is to make the pleats swish back and forth.

Stephanie's brother Shawn is up next.  David has known Shawn since he was 5 playing soccer and hockey, but they really kindled their interests again in Grade 9 when they were dedicated gamers together.  Lots of time spent over at the Graham's house.  I don't think they ever expected to be wearing skirts together.

Another big difference between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen fitting, not a chance was the future husband going dress shopping, but Stephanie didn't want to miss a thing. 
Andrew Evans our resident Chef.  He told us at around 5 years of age he was going to be a chef and he has achieved his dream.  He runs a very successful catering business called Cookery Catering.  I would highly recommend it.  Looks like he might be in the market for a new chef's hat.  :)

Mom and son enjoying a wee scotch while we watched the parade of groomsmen.

Andrew is also our tallest groomsman, with the hat on he barely made it under the beams in the store.  I think Linda was thinking of making an extra long kilt for him.  :)

I am hoping we see these dance moves at the wedding.  :)

Tyler was up next, a friend from high school and roomie from Brock.  Looking forward to hearing some good Brock stories from Tyler. 
Linda from the Scottish Company was very accommodating.  There are 10 guys to be fitted and around now they were starting to get a little bored.  The hat rack was becoming a very popular place.

Andrew Swanton another close friend from Devins Drive P.S. They started off as teammates in the Optimist Hockey League and continue to play today.
Jon Peterkin and his family were good friends of us through the kids early hockey years.  Jon also has the pleasure of being married to Maddy the sister of one of Stephanie's best friends.  Wonder if there was a wee bit of matchmaking going on at their house parties.  I'm sure we'll find out more at the wedding.

If I couldn't find David, there was a good chance he was at Alex Gilliver's house or Sue would know where they were.  Alex brought his lovely fiancee, Alyse, with him from Ottawa as they were off to Alex's fitting after David's.

The boys were in no hurry to take off their kilts.  But as they had to now try shoes on the kilts have to come off.  Things to remember, Socks - first, the garter 2nd, the shoes 3rd, the shirt, the kilt, the sporran, vest, jacket, tie and finally the wee knife in the sock.  I gather it is very awkward to put the shoes on with the kilt on.  :)

Stephanie and Alyse had been very good while the boys were having so much fun.  The fascinators which were under glass were handed out to them to try on and they look lovely in them.

Definitely time for a beer, thanks guys for a great and memorable day.  :)

PART 2 :)

Back in January, Andrew, David Jim and I went down for the boys fitting.  There were lots of tears on this day as I watched my 2 wee boys put on their kilts.

Move over William Wallace, on October 7 we will be yelling DAVID CARLSON.  And instead of FREEDOM, it will be MARRY ME STEPHANIE GRAHAM.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Baby Bear is showered with Presents

In case anyone didn't know Rachel and Jay are having a baby (my 1st grandchild and Becky's too - just in case you needed reminding) and after much thought we decided to do a big shower.  It has turned out to be a busy year for Rachel with 8 weddings (she is in 4), one of them being her brothers, so lots of showers and celebrations.

It took a little coordinating but we found a date.  Sunday, September 17 and we found an absolutely wonderful venue - King Cole Ducks - thank you Debbie Conzelmann, you have an amazing facility and we were able to sit everyone down in their respective groups.  I am getting quite good at delegating and quickly turned over the gift organizing to a person from each group.  Thanks to Amy/Becky, Lindsey/MJ, Colleen, Margaux/Kelly and Bre for doing a great job organizing the gifts.

After taking over 44 plates, side plates, forks, spoons, tea cups, wine glasses (can't forget them), bowls, serving trays, tea pots, etc - yes basically emptied out our kitchens I may never have anyone offer to help me again.  Luckily our memories are short.  A big thank you to Becky, Lindsey and MJ for all the carting of dishes back and forward and helping make my vision a reality.  It looked beautiful.

Amy, Kathleen and Stephanie picked the bear theme and off we went with decorating ideas.

With everyone sitting at tables with their friends or family, I didn't feel we needed to do a game to get everyone involved so we did a "Baby Bear" Colouring Book and everyone was asked to write a memory/wish/advice after they had coloured their picture.  Thank you to Pinterest for turning us all into event planners.  Honestly that sight is amazing for ideas.

Rachel mentioned to me that she had been at a baby shower where instead of cards, the guests were asked to sign reading books for the baby.  Our whole family are huge readers so we jumped on that bandwagon pretty quickly.

If you are looking for something unique for an event, baby, wedding, birthday, Christmas check out Stephanie Pizzitelli's facebook page here.  She made a cake topper (which I put in a vase) and a headband for Rachel.

The table decor was pretty simple with all the pretty tea cups.  A few years ago I realized why do I have all this stuff sitting in cupboards, might as well use it and in the using it brings back memories of 2 of my favourite ladies - my mom and my mother-in-law.  A simple tea cup and I could feel their presence celebrating with me today.  A little bear name tag in each of them made sure everyone was sitting with a friend/family and they could wear as a nametag if needed, some crayons for the colouring books and lovely baby's breath in mason jars with a little bear sitting beside them.  Aldene (Jay's Grandma) made all the little bears, they are amazing and what a wonderful touch.

I am pretty sure when David started looking for a serious girlfriend, one of the items on his list was can she bake, specifically cupcakes.  Stephanie you have made some amazing desserts for us, these cupcakes were definitely one of your best and I am so glad I got to take the extras home.  Just as good the next day and the next day and the next day :)

Amy came in from a bachelorette party and started setting up.  Her gift table was amazing.  That is one of Aldene's big bears and the diaper cake full of newborn diapers was amazing.  Great job.  

Kathleen our resident balloon expert out did herself.  What more can you say than "OH BABY".   

Rachel and Baby Bear with his 3 aunts, he is going to be one spoiled little bear.  

A big shoutout to the best BFFS in the world Lindsey Irvine and MaryJo Williams, so many of the crazy whacky things I do are because I know they have my back. I love you and your families like they are my own and I know you both feel the same way about my children and I. Rachel's shower was another example of the 2 of you just digging right in, from carrying boxes, cutting 100's of little sandwiches, and keeping me organized. Sharing these special moments through laughter and tears (and a wee bit of cursing) made the day amazing. Thank you both so much. 

Well we made it, everything is set up and the guests are starting to arrive.

Mamma Bear and Nannie Bear and Baby Bear

We do love our desserts and chocolate is always a big hit with the ladies, coffee, tea and a herbal tea keeping with the theme of the day called "Bear Claw Tea", delish

Thank you to Jay for coming and helping Rachel with the opening of the presents, although she didn't seem to need much help ripping the paper off LOL.  (He was also very handy at helping us getting everything repacked and back in our cars - whew).  

I am thinking we should have wrapped up a box of kleenex for both her and Jay.  Rachel and Jay and Becky and I were overwhelmed with everyone's generosity, from their stroller to a sterilizer to a rocking chair and lots of little thing as well, they were truly crying with thankfulness as much as laughing with excitement.

Trying out the new rocking chair !!!!!!!!!!

A little chocolate bear and some gummy bears as a final little but BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and gave up a beautiful Sunday afternoon, donated to the gifts and just helped and continue to support Rachel and Jay as they set off on this new adventure together.

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