Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Stanley

Unconditional love the first time I encountered it was with my children.  Remember that feeling when you would hear them in their crib in the morning and when you opened the door to peek in at them and their face just brightened and their arms went up and you knew you were loved.  Then they turned 2 and although they loved you just as much they became a little more discriminate in showing you :).

Cats and I'm sure dogs learn early on that you are the go-to person for all their needs and affection.  The wee man, our Stanley was the easiest going, lovingest little cat in the world.  He was the runt of the littler, born to a feral mother who almost ate him.  When we picked him up in 2006, he didn't seem to have a care in the world, he would hunker down with any of the other cats and basically when we walked in the room climbed up our jeans to say hello and found his way into our hearts from that day until December 29, 2015.

If there was a knee it was for sitting on.  Lindsey's "Miss Maisie" was an adoption Stanley was totally responsible for, Lindsey popped over to see our new baby and he popped right up on her knee and fell asleep.  Sleeping, eating and treats were his favourite pasttimes.  

Right to the end he persevered at learning how to type, never got very good at it and managed to delete a few documents, and then he found out that my laptop gave off heat, a great place for a nap.

Little Miss Cle tried to boss him around.  When he first came home, he would sit on my bedside table with his head under the lamp so that Miss Cle couldn't see him.  Not the smartest thing he ever did, but eventually he won her around.

Stanley's one big adventure happened up at the cottage, he was chased by a dog and his best option seemed to be to climb a tree.  Not sure what kind of dog or maybe it was a giraffe because he felt like he had to keep going.  It took us 5 hours to get him down.  We tried leaving him thinking he would come when he was hungry, nope not happening.  Finally Rachel came home from work and up the ladder she went with some tuna and a towel while I held the ladder.  Towel on the platform I built, tuna on the platform, Stanley on the platform, quickly wrapped up and down he came.
"Like seriously man, what's the big deal"  it's quite comfy up here.  LOL

He would have got in the basket with her if he could have. 

Andrew actually taught him to do a trick for a treat, he would jump on the counter, climb up his chest with his front paws and nuzzle him under the neck.  Yep he got a treat everytime.

David brought this little polar bear home and Stanley thought it needed some manners for the first week and then in his loving way he accepted him, a new friend and bonus he didn't eat treats.

All the cats are amazed at Cle's hunting skills and the little gifts she would bring to share with everyone.  There was great excitement the first time Stanley brought home a chipmunk, he had no idea what to do with it, but with grinning from ear to ear and bouncing around the backyard while we all squealed with delight for him.  (Sorry chipmunk lovers)  Thankfully he never learned the head removal move that Cleo can do with a flick of her teeth.  

Our one and only goldfish was a hit in it's short life with us (not because of the cats).  But this was fun he could be entertained without going outside and getting wet and cold.  

Never minded dressing up for any occasion, he soon learned that everything he did deserved a treat and we were his treat slaves.


Dinner time he was my helper, he would just lay on the counter watching everything I did waiting for the odd treat to come his way.  

When our stray Ollie decided that he was moving in with us in 2011, Stanley just said "hey man no worries there's room for all of us, I'll even share my treats".  

Pretty well every night he came to bed with me.  If I was facing the wrong way he would start tapping at the nape of my neck, if I ignored him then the paw would go on the top of my head and very slowly his nails would come out.  Yes I always rolled over, my right arm went up he snuggled into my chest and my left arm cuddled around him as my hand became his pillow.  


I realized in late November something was wrong, he couldn't eat his treats.  He would chew them and crumble them but not eat them.  I thought oh no, he must have a cavity, he had also been sneezing so off we went to the vet.  Stanley hated his cage, but didn't really give me a hard time.  His mouth seemed OK but he was put on antibiotics as his white blood count was up.  5 more trips to the vet, more weight loss.  You know yourself when something just isn't right, the kids all came home for Christmas and they all got to have a lovely visit with him.  On December 28, a trip to the specialist for more tests.  As we wrapped him in a warmed up blanket he looked at us with that "unconditional love".  His ultrasound came back showing that he had stomach and kidney cancer.  The next day we took him down to Golf Glen.  After sitting with him on the stairs and listening to his purrs as he looked at us sending his love our way we wrapped him in a warm blanket, no crate this time, I carried him down in my arms and kept him there as he took his last breath, remembering all the moments he filled my days with laughter and smiles.  Miss you my Stanley, I am so glad we had you for the past 9 years and I am sure my days will be filled with remembering your antics and the look of love you had for everyone in your family.  XO

Still missing my little guy, just came home from a trip and wow it hits you, that he really isn't here.  This is a little email I sent to my kids as I am sure he visited me in California.
Last Friday we moved from Palm Springs to Capistrano Beach.  I was having a really hard time falling asleep and around 3 am was getting quite fretful when who should appear in my bed but my little Stanley.  For about 5 minutes I just rubbed and rubbed his little face, you know how he loved it when we took both hands and cupped his little face and rubbed back all the way, and gave him little kisses on his nose, always made him look a little strange but it was comforting for both of us, he then snuggled into my arms the way he did at home on the nights when I was restless and voila I fell asleep.  

Anyway it felt so much like he paid me a little visit I wanted you all to know.  :)  

So be careful I am a little psychic  :)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

27th Annual Tribbling Dinner

Once upon a time in 1985 a much younger version of ourselves with much smaller families moved onto Tribbling Cres.  Since then our families have grown.  Families have moved off the street and new families have moved onto the street.  This year is our 37th Christmas Dinner.  From Prego to Villa Cesare to Oakland Hall to Edward Street Bistro, restaurants have come and gone and we have tried new things.  The schnitzel at Graystones was always a favourite.  The wine flows freely on these nights.  This year we were lucky enough to be hosted by Debbie and Bruce Conzelmann at King Cole Ducks in Debbie's new beautiful Head Office.  They also have a beautiful store where you can buy all sorts of duck, my favourite is smoke duck.    Donna our caterer from Little Red Catering in Newmarket was amazing, and so was the food.  From her hors d'ourves to her main course to her dessert tray there was something for everyone.  If you have an event check out her link above.  



A bonus this year was being able to get up and jiggle and wiggle our way around the room as we danced to some of our favourite hits.  The macarena got the whole room up and Bob and Brent did a great job on the Village People.  :)  Sorry no appropriate pictures of that :).  

Thanks to Bob for some great shots including our Family Tribbling Group shot.  

It is now Christmas Eve and we are waiting for the boys to come from the city and the Irvines to help us celebrate this wonderful season (even without snow).

May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and safe season filled with family, friends, hugs and warmth.  XO