Friday, May 15, 2015

Beautiful Bronte Village in lovely Oakville - A great place for an afternoon walk

How lucky am I, the nicest day of the year and I am heading down to meet up with 2 girl friends from elementary school for a walk around Bronte Village in Oakville.  The windows are open in the car, my coffee in the cup holder and my walking shoes on.  Amazing to actually schedule something and have it turn out to be so beautiful.  OK no more moaning about the weather.  Today is great.

Bronte Village has a lovely little harbour right on Lake Ontario and today was as still as you will ever see Lake Ontario.  We walked around 5000 steps through the Marina and along the waterfront.  We needed to work up an appetite for lunch.

There has been a fair bit of tearing down and rebuilding along the shoreline but thankfully nothing too gigantic has been put up.  In the actual village of Bronte you can walk for a long way along the waterfront, but then you run into the private homes which are amazing.  And I can just imagine some of the mighty winter storms they have had to withstand.

A day of reflections, the water was clean and calm, a mirror reflecting everything floating in it.

The baby geese have arrived.  There were a number of those little black bugs everywhere, hopefully all these little birds will help to curtail them.  

We ate at a restaurant called the Plank .  The food was amazing and very unusual.  I ordered the Punjabi Buttermilk Stew.  Honestly I almost liked the bowl the flavours were so wonderful.  The Plank is on the main street in town overlooking the harbour.  I was hoping to eat at the Compass next time, but I just read that it is only going to be used to host special events.  

The water was crystal clear I tried to talk the girls into going paddling, but no takers.  Next time.  The colours were almost like the Caribbean.  Such a different look to Lake Ontario when it is so calm.

This seems to be the year of the swan, they have come back with a "splash".  LOL.  No babies yet, I gather they don't start arriving until June.  Keep your eyes open, let me know if you spot any.

Thank you to Christine and Carol for taking me on a lovely adventure and rediscovering a wonderful part of the GTA.  I can't thank facebook enough for allowing us to get back in touch with each other after so many years (we haven't changed at all :))))

Get out there and explore(by the way there is a lovely "Lake Walk" on the 1st Thursday of each month in the summer at Bronte Village) is my motto going forward and amazing how many interesting places there are so close to our homes.  Cheers