Friday, December 18, 2009

Dashing here, dashing there, no time to write in my blog. Feeling rather Bah humbugy and then all teary eyed over the Christmas spirit. And then today my good friend MJ calls and says let's go down and watch the Olympic Flame and it's like wow, I'm not the only one who thinks this is rather neat. I had been trying to decide whether to go or not, had done the usual - mention it to my kids to see if I got any bites and wasn't hearing any "wow great idea mom, let's get up and go out in the cold to watch someone with a flame run up Yonge St". So when MJ called it was magical. So again off we dash down to Yonge St, stop to pick up a coffee and have a moment of panic as we come out of the coffee shop and hear the Olympic truck go buy with it's speakers blaring and sirens going. Panicking now we race down the walkway at St Andrews thinking we have now missed the flame, thankfully realizing before we collapsed from exhaustion that it was just the preliminary introduction truck. Now we leisurely walk the rest of the way along with school kids with flags, some of them had made the olympic logo out of different hula hoops, I think every adult in our area who wasn't at work today was there. The street was lined all the way up and down Yonge St. So what happens next, my throat locks, my eyes well up and the torch approaches. Cheers, waves, clapping resound up and down the street and the torch passes by us. How amazing. 100 yards up from us the torch flame is passed onto the next runner and off it heads to Newmarket. I know I witnessed something momentous and so did the other 1000 or so people there. I watched the 1988 torch in Aurora, and now the 2010 torch and I will go to everyone that ever goes near me as long as I can, because the Olympic Spirit truly is inspiring.