Friday, September 16, 2011

He is so bossy

I can't believe how bossy he is, he just yells at me all day. He's got to go!!! And no I'm not talking about your DAD. I'm talking about OLIVER.

FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME, RUB ME RUB ME, FEED ME, that's all he says all day.

Stan has been all over my desk, walking on my keyboard, rubbing my hand to get me to stop typing and go and get him a treat. So there are no treats in the house, so he decides to go outside as none of his charms are working on me. Meanwhile Cle Bear comes in and very politely asks for something, preferably a treat. So I go in the kitchen with her and put my hand in the dry food bag and pick up the empty treat bag and give her the dry food, of which she quite politely gobbles them all down. Jimmy needless to say is upstairs sleeping through all this.

Who appears next but Oliver, he follows me around, tries to rip the chair apart with his nails, jumps up on my desk, thinks about spraying on my computer and plops himself down in Stan and Cle Bears spot. Then he starts howling, FEED ME FEED ME.

I can't bear anymore, Cle bear is now back in. So I go and open them a can of food. Cle bear eats the gravy, Oliver finishes his and howls at me FEED ME SOME MORE, and then notices Cle's. He finishes that. I come back to the computer and who should appear but Stan the Man. So I go to feed him the little bit that I saved him and who comes racing back again but FEED ME FEED ME OLIVER. I have to feed Stanley on the counter and stand guard, while Oliver is MEOWING, like crazy. Poor Stan is twiching like crazy as he wolves down his dinner. He then jumps over the high part of the kitchen counter as he knows Oliver is around somewhere and skedaddles back outside. He left 3 pieces of food, guess what Oliver ate that too.