Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toronto - Queens Quay - a beautiful day by the lake

"Toronto the Good" was what I knew it as, as I grew up.  I don't have the honour of saying I was "Toronto born", but having come here when I was 1-1/2 from bonny Scotland and living within 30 minutes of it for the rest of my life (notice how I didn't have to give my age with that description :) I do feel a true Toronto native.  My first permanent job was at Yonge and Bloor working for Ontario Hydro until we moved over to the big glass building at 700 University.  So modern, no walls on the floors when we first moved in and then they started adding partitions.  A few years at 60 Murray in their computer building and then marriage and children appeared and off we went to the suburbs, Clarkson and then Aurora.  

Over the last 4 years 2 of my Aurora raised children have settled in the city.  The commute was bad 30 years ago, it hasn't got any better.  "Work in the City, Live in the City" or spend 3 hours commuting every day.  I love where they live.  Rediscovering the city also means rediscovering so many wonderful memories.  I know there is lots of grumbling about the Toronto waterfront, but it is so much better than it was.  Growing up there was lots dirty smelly industry on the waterfront, now there are condos, thankfully a lot of them surrounded by parks and bike and walking paths.  I know, I know it could be better, but I'm still loving it.

Last Friday started off with me picking up Rachel and heading to Sherway Gardens, still my favourite mall in the world.  It has everything but isn't gigantic.  A quick stop at Sobeys and picked up lunch stuff and back to her condo for lunch with Mary Jo and her darling daughter Kathleen.  Lots of laughs and wedding talk and then while the girls cleaned up MJ and I went for a beautiful walk along the Lake at Queen's Quay.  Meanwhile the Carlson and William men were off to the Sweden and Finland hockey game at the ACC.  

Rule Number 1:  Never walk down the city without taking your camera (or at least your camera phone).  

Rule Number 2:  Always take a picture of the CN Tower :)  It is amazing all the different views you can get of it.  It is visible all over the city.  

Today was a beautiful crisp clear winter day with lots of people out walking enjoying the day.  Queen's Quay is a lovely community within the big city.  Grocery Stores, cafes, little shops, pet babysitting stores, skating rinks, the ferry, restaurants and the Lake.  

Rule Number 3:  Remember to look backwards and sideways as well as forwards, but watch where you are walking, lol lots of poles, garbage cans, water to fall over and into.  

This tall ship is called the "Caledonia" how could I resist taking about 20 pictures of it.  You can actually do cruises on this tall ship and the "Empire Sandy" (yes don't worry there is a picture of Sandy as well).

The last thing I expected to see in the Toronto Harbour was 2 swans.  Ducks, seagulls - yes, swans no - they belong on Grenadier Pond in High Park.  Having a closer look at the person feeding them it's no wonder they come here.  The birds are even sitting on her bundle buggy (wonder how many people know them by that name - yes I'm dating myself again).  Hard to live in the city and not own a bundle buggy.  

 There were quite a few tall ships in the harbour along with a few cabin cruisers that actually looked like people were living in them.

This beautiful little skating rink is right on the water.  The City does a great job of keeping these outdoor rinks frozen, even when it is mild and raining, these rinks are kept frozen for most of the winter.  

Definitely my kind of skating 

I love pictures of the old and the new blending together.  Seriously though I chopped off the top of the CN Tower (yes the tower is in another picture).  I will have to go back and redo this one.

 As we continued our walk along the water, the sun was going down in the west and the moon had risen in the east.  

How cool would this picture have been if we had just noticed the moon a little bit earlier, it might have been right on top of the chimney (remember the rule - look forwards and backwards and sideways, let's add up and down to that too).  Do you think there are plans to build more condos or parks over where this chimney is?

This might have been one of the original Queens Quay renovations done back in 1983.  Converted an old Queens Quay Terminal into condos and shops.  

Headed up to the street hoping it would block the wind that had creeped up, no such luck.  Back down to the lake to get one last shot of the sunset with the Caledonia.  

Clean up was all done when we arrived back at the condo.  Next stop Real Sports at Maple Leaf Square to meet up with the boys and celebrate Andrew's birthday and watch the Canada game.  The next best thing to going to Ottawa for July 1st is go to Maple Leaf Square for a Canada Game.  It was a sea of red and everyone was hyped up.  Gold Canada Gold.

Toronto like me is getting even better with age (tee hee).