Monday, June 22, 2015

Rachel's Carlson/Wright Family Wedding Shower hosted by Julie

So excited for her first wedding shower.  Sunday, June 14, it is pouring rain, but nothing is going to dampen this day for Rachel or her mom.  These are the days you dream of when the doctor tells you, you have a baby girl.  Yes, back in olden days, most of us didn't know what sex our child would be. You are holding your breath (not with pain) with anticipation for the moment when the Doctor or Nurse says "You have a lovely little daughter".  

My nieces Julie and Miranda and their mom Eileen started planning for the shower back in January.  Our family has a remarkable number of women in it.  So needless to say whenever there is a celebration there are lots of helpers. 

Although Rachel was  missing having her grandmother's with her today, we are blessed with having 3rd cousins.  This is Maureen with her granddaughter Chelsea and her great grandson River.  Yes that makes him my Great Great Nephew.  Being a typical Wright male he loves being surrounded by women.
Julie put on a lovely spread with homemade lasagna and mac and cheese.  Still all time favourites and delicious.



Finally it was time to open the presents.  Alexis offered to help Rachel keep track of everything.  

Julie's friend Sherry made a lovely cake for Rachel and was I excited to see it was chocolate when Julie cut it open.  


Tea cups and tea are making a comeback.  A little reminder of our past generations.  I haven't seen a tea cosy in forever and I think the last time I saw one David had it on his head with his ears sticking out the holes for the handle and spout.
 The future mothers-in-laws-to-be.  

A big thank you to Julie, Mir and Eileen and everyone who brought food, etc.  Also thank you family for coming.  Time is becoming the biggest commodity out there and we never seem to have enough of it so thank you for sharing this special occasion with Rachel and me.  xoxoxoxoxo 

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Tribbling Ladies host a baby shower for one of their babies

Another one of our Tribbling Babies, lovely Nicole is adding a baby girl to our extended family.  Our Tribbling Ladies are always looking for excuses to get together and celebrate and spill the odd glass of wine and talk about their children and husbands.  Now we can add in-laws and grandchildren to our repertoire.  Not that we ever ran out of things to talk about, but our tables now abound with phones being passed around with the latest pictures of the grandchildren.  

This being Nicole's first baby presented us with another opportunity to hold a baby shower and talk about our fond memories of our children growing up on this wonderful street.  

Lovely Nicole and her mom Claudia

Oma excited about the 4th generation little girl.

Always lots to talk about when we get together.  It turned out into a beautiful evening so we had appetizers, cocktails and dinner outside.  

I think it is impossible for a group of ladies to get together at a baby shower and not start reliving their own labours.  There was definitely some serious conversation going on.  

 We were so lucky to have a surprise visit from Baby Norah.  Lauren's lovely daughter was born in April.  She was more than happy to be cuddled by all the grandma's and the grandma's-in-waiting.  :)  And Lauren was able to give Nicole some advice that wasn't 30+ years old.  :)

Bob's famous Creamed Mustard Pork Tenderloin served with a rice pilaf and salad.  Delish

 Carrot Cake with rum infused raisins.  Carrot cupcakes with no rum nor raisins.  

And to my shame, my battery ran out before we started opening the presents.  Lots of fun things were opened.  A big thank you to Nicole for letting us join in your celebration.  

 I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies who met on a street 30 years ago as we were starting out with new homes and new babies.  Now we are celebrating our friends children's weddings and babies.  

xoxo from the Tribbling Ladies.