Monday, July 6, 2015

Rachel's Shower Celebration with the Tribbling Ladies

Shower #2 for Rachel and I have to say that when it comes to wedding celebrations each one gets more exciting and special.  According to the Bay Bridal Registry there are 110 days left until the BIG DAY.   A big thank you to Maryjo, Lindsey and Kathleen for hosting this beautiful shower for Rachel.  Becky Fyfe dropped in at our house first so we could all go together.

Maryjo found a new piping bag and went wild on a beautiful wedding dress cake.  And yummy as can be.
Kathleen, Rachel's best friend since they were around 2 was the head of decorating and what a beautiful, fun job she did.  Every balloon had a picture of Rachel as a child, with one of her bridesmaids and important people in her life.  

You couldn't have a bride without a veil.  MJ dug around in her cupboard and found her first communion veil.  We heard the story about how her mom had saved hers only to have her husband (MJs dad) accidentally throw it away.  MJ takes after her mom in holding onto things and keeping them in good shape.  If you ever lose something MJ can find it.  So I can just imagine MJ's mom when she discovered her veil was missing.  Hey MJ:  Did Kathleen wear this veil too??

Everyone enjoyed a pre lunch cocktail with lots of catch up and giggles.

I think Lindsey lived over at MJ's for most of the weekend, preparing food, organizing tables, so many little details that Lindsey is an expert at.  It was very strange for me not knowing or being able to help with this shower.  Homemade quiches, 3 different salads, and nibbles, absolutely delicious.

Lunch was soon demolished with lots of happy tummies.  Rachel went through to the family room and the ladies took their presents through individually and sat with her while she opened them.  It was such a nice way to do it as she was able to get to talk to everyone.  The shower was for our Tribbling Ladies and good school friend moms who have known Rachel since she was at least 5.  Lots of school memories, soccer memories, street parties, fireworks, etc.  From the time she was born these mom's watched her walk up and down the street and kept their eye on her.  Their children babysat for me.  Their phones buzzed if I had a concern or needed something.  
Kathleen keeping notes for Rachel.  

The Irvine family has been a part of Rachel's life since before she was born.  Lots of tears were shed the day she was born, only 2 months after Lindsey's youngest Neil was born.  When we became good friends with Lindsey and Doug and Andy and MJ we were blessed with becoming a part of an extended family.

Darling Dale Thom couldn't make it to the shower as she was recovering from double knee surgery the week before.  Little Stella helped open her beautiful present.  Missed you Dale.  So excited for your new knees.  

Cathy's daughter Kelly was Rachel's first babysitter (next to her grandparents).  Kelly now has a baby of her own and grandma Cathy is in 7th heaven.

Cindy has the honour of being the Mother of the Maid of Honour.  Annie wasn't able to make it as her new baby can't leave the States until they get her passport.  They were hoping it would be done in time but unfortunately we shall have to wait until closer to the wedding to meet little Addilyn.

Annie and the girls made arrangements to skype Rachel while she was opening her present.  Lots of tears, and lots of giggles.  





Did I mention that the ladies couldn't stay in the dining room and had to come through to join in the present opening.  Also made it easier to mingle and do some more catching up with everyone.

I was ever so happy to see Ainsley there.  She is a wonderful photographer, so I gladly handed over my camera to her.  400 pictures later and the day was finished.  Here are a few of the great photos she took.

The happy groom-to-be popped in.  

Thank you again to the ladies for sharing their time at this busy time of year as we celebrate Rachel and Jay's upcoming nuptials.  As we grow older we may be growing apart but thankfully we realize how important these celebrations are.  More wonderful memories to reinforce how blessed we are with each other and our growing families.  Maryjo, Lindsey and Kathleen you are family to me and I can't tell you how much I love you and your families.  Yes, tears are flowing as I write this.  Love you all.