Friday, January 27, 2017

A wee trip to Schomberg, small town Ontario

 It has been a long gray January and I need a project.  My camera has been collecting dust.  My body is getting wider, I need to get moving again.  Rachel told me about this lovely little store where they sold chalk paint.  I have 3 projects in my brain, it is now time to get physical and start freshening up for the coming of spring :)

The drive out is quite lovely along the Aurora Sideroad and the sky is blue, although black clouds are to the north of me.  I pick out 2 paints and sadly they are sold out, but they will be in tomorrow.  Nothing planned for tomorrow so I guess I will be heading back out.  I bought their large package which includes a chalk paint workshop in the spring.  The store is called Anchique and they also sell new and antique furniture and refinish furniture.  There was an amazing dining room set being worked on and freshened up in a beautiful blue colour.  

Schomberg is definitely how you think of small town Ontario with an Amish/Mennonite feel to it.  Lots of little restaurants and cafes, still surrounded by wonderful Ontario farmland which backs right up to the Holland Marsh.  What more could I ask for then a wee black and white cat sitting on a porch and a Scottish store.  I should just pack up and move here right now.  

The old Schomberg Feed store has turned into restaurants and cafes.  A piece of history right here where we live, you can picture horses and wagons pulling up to their front step.  

On the way in I passed a wee creek so I set off on my walk to try and get in my 4K, up the main road to the Dufferin Marsh, next thing I knew I was walking along Hwy 27.  

Schomberg like King is still surrounded by beautiful old and new barns.  A very thriving farming community still.  Development is coming but a fair bit slower than to Aurora and Newmarket.  

I did a couple of residential streets and back down Main St and only managed to do 3K.  By now the black clouds were moving in and the wind was picking up.  I was cold, Hello Lynne, knock knock it's winter in Canada.  Hat is now pulled down, scarf pulled up and back to my car I go.  

The houses had lovely big porches facing Main St.  Who needs a TV if you have a big porch to watch the neighbours from :)

I'm sure there is an interesting story behind the pirate flag on this house.  

Time to contact the girls, looks like a great place for our next ladies lunch.  There is a lovely patio out the back, I'm picturing a nice little pinot grigio and some girls laughter.  (Note:  yes I do drink white wine, usually when the red is gone or the sun is shining)  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017