Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Great Man would be 87 today

How do you describe how much you miss your dad. After two and a half years I still think of him every day. His stories, his laughter, his antics, his love for me. Last night again I dreamt about my mom and dad and the last thought as I woke up was that he was still taking care of me. In the actual dream I was going to a bar and had no money and my friend pointed this out to me and my attitude was "my dad will give me money" "he always took care of me" (notice the theme bar - money - a definite dad thing). It left me with a wonderful calm feeling of love surrounding me. I would love to receive one more dad hug, the hug that means you are being protected. So today I will think of him often and I will take a deep breath and know that he is part of that calm feeling that will surround me today, on this special day of his. Love you dad, happy birthday, may Heaven Happy Hour last all day.

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