Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time?

Can't help but remember the year that my daughter Rachel really learned how to count. All of a sudden she was under the tree counting how many presents she had compared to the boys. Needless to say this became a huge issue as we all liking have presents under the tree from December first. (Santa brought his special presents on Christmas Eve). But having tears flowing because David had more presents was becoming a real issue. There wasn't anything I could do for this year (around 1994) but I was fixing it for the next year.

So Christmas 1995 comes around and in my infinite wisdom I figure I will code the presents with numbers. Everyone was so excited, there were break the code meetings. This must be a Barbie so that code must mean Rachel. And then the counting started again. By Christmas day I was at my wits end with them. We sort all the presents and as usual everyone has the same number of presents. So "mom what's the code". I go to my desk drawer to get the code breaking sheet and it is gone. Pandemonium breaks out. Luckily Rachel's presents held no interest for the boys, but there were definitely a few issues with the boys. LOL. That code was thrown out the window now I had to thnik up another idea for the next year. O:)

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