Monday, December 2, 2013

Tree Decorating Time

Our first Christmas Tree as a family was bought in 1978 and it was real.  For the next 20 years we cut down our Christmas tree, as a couple, with nieces and nephews and then with our own children.  Every year was a memory.  The 1st time we cut it down Jim took a gigantic big ax, the man at the tree farm looked at us as if we were aliens, asked us very nicely to put our ax back in the car and he would lend us a nice little saw.  LOL, chances are by the time Jim chopped the tree down with his ax there wouldn't be a needle left on it.

We went to tree farms that were farmers fields, you wandered around found your tree and took it home, hoping it wouldn't fall off the roof.  Then there were the ones with the sleigh/hay ride, gift shop and hot chocolate.  And yes one year we did sneak bailey's into our hot chocolate.  Buying a tree turned into a picture with Santa, an ornament, a donation to their charity, etc.

Timber, yes we had our share of trees crashing to the ground in the middle of the night.  Never figured out why but our best answer was hammer nails into the wall and tie the tree up, some of them had a nice little floating feeling to them.  We couldn't even blame the trees falling on the cats.  Zacky was the only one who used to climb the tree.

Having 3 children, all with minds of their own and especially when their mind usually voiced an opinion that was the opposite of their other sibling.  Trying to get 3 of them to agree on a tree became mind boggling, I started to think if I could get them to agree I could work on a peace accord in the middle east.

Then came the years of "do we have toooooooo".  Once we got them all in the car, it became the fastest tree cutting in the world.  Basically walk into the field, look that one's green, we'll take it.  The boys wanted to get back to hockey and Rachel wanted to take her time.  Now the boys vs the girls.  I'm sure some of our excursions could have been used for a "Simpson's" episode.

Around 1998 after 3 years of the "Mud Tree", rain, trees covered in mud and the boys being in hockey tournaments every Christmas break, we finally broke down and bought an artificial tree.  It's been perfect it goes up December 1 and comes down January 5.  No watering.

The children grow up and go off to University, have their own homes and Rachel even has her own tree this year.  Our tradition has evolved into the family tree decorating come for dinner event.  This year we took it up a level and added in "craft beer tasting", thai food and baking.  Jim and I are very blessed, it was an entertaining day starting with breakfast and a little tiff over ordering the food and who carried the most boxes up the stairs kept us all normal this year.

Even the cats joined in the festivities
A selection of our craft beers, one was called "bah humbug"

Boys weren't happy the Bills lost

David giving his valued "advice".  

Even our decorations are filled with memories.  My 1st ornament was given to be by my mom in 1978 - "yes the 1st Christmas Together", and one every year after that until she passed away.  Holiday ornaments, don't think there was a holiday we went on either as a couple or a family where we didn't bring a decoration home.  It is such fun listening to the kids remember the holidays when they pull out the decoration.  And moan at the ones Jim and I are now taking on our own again.  LOL

Sitting last night Jim and I are thinking maybe next year we will start cutting down our tree again.  O:)  Merry Christmas everyone.

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