Friday, December 26, 2014

City Sidewalks Toronto Style

December 22, the countdown is on.  It's been a busy month.  What else is new?  Would we have it any other way! Jim suggested I pop down to the city and we would have a walk around and a nice dinner before everything gets really crazy.  Wow, love the idea.  I decide to get there a little early and have a walk around the area near Jim's office.  The Guinness sign is the Irish Embassy and Pub right next door to Jim's place.  Great lunches and lots of great beers.  

Impossible to go down the city and not take a picture of the CN Tower and the Clock Tower at Old City Hall.  I love the way the city has kept so much of it's old character.  Lots of little old buildings in amongst the many skyscrapers that are going up.  

Cranes are everywhere it is impossible to look up and not have one in your picture.  Office buildings, condos.  I think the City has decided the best way to clear up the traffic issues is just move everyone back into the city.  I would be game but the prices seem to range from $400,000 for 600 sq feet to ++++.  600 sq feet seriously do you even have a closet?


Jim wasn't ready until 5:30 so Andrew decided to accompany me to the Eaton's Centre.  What a great place to people watch while Andrew went into stores.  Didn't even feel self-conscious with my camera there were people taking pictures everywhere.  



If you are looking for a picture with Santa, his little house is outside beside the Holy Trinity Church.  



Nathan Phillips Square was hopping.  Kids were waiting impatiently for the Zamboni to finish and the line up to rent skates was crazy.  
The Christmas Tree and the Menorah side by side.  A truly multicultural city.  

No matter how old I get (which I hope is really old), I will always love the wonderful job the Bay does of their windows.  They truly are magical.  




A quick walk through Dundas Square and then off to dinner.  We stopped at Osteria Ciceri E Tria on Victoria and would have had an hour wait.  It's a Monday.  We ended up at Terroni (on Adelaide) which is a wonderful restaurant as well.  Lovely dinner, glass of wine and home by 8:30.  What a great night.  


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