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And the Party begins - October 24, 2015

The party begins and I have had to put my camera away.  I feel naked, I have also never been in so many pictures in my life.  A number of these pictures come from Sarah Wiggins, who did an outstanding job and friends and family who were clicking away with their cameras and smart phones, thanks so much for sharing your memories.

Less than 11 months ago I was in the LCBO to pick up champagne after Rachel called and tried to trick us into coming to Whitby before we headed off to the Carlson Christmas in Oshawa.  Andrew told her no chance unless she was engaged.  Finally she had to burst out and tell us and that is how I ended up walking up and down the aisles in the LCBO, sobbing.  I think if they could have the staff would have poured me a drink.  It has been an amazing emotional 11 months and here we are today putting the finishing touches on what will be one of the most special days of my life as I watch my daughter burst with happiness as she prepares to become "Fyfe's Wife".  

Hard to imagine that the dress has been hanging in our cupboard since April.  It was moved from cupboard to cupboard depending on who was staying at the house.  Jim was not allowed to see it even though sometimes he had to squeeze into his cupboard very carefully as it was hidden there when Jay was up.  :)  The dress is finally unveiled.  

After zipping Rachel up with a little help from Annie as I can never get the zipper up all the way,  Annie and I left the room at this point we had only seen Rachel from the back.  

Her broaches belonged to her Nana and Granma and she attached them to her bouquet.  Thinking some of the rain we felt that day were happy tears from her and Jay's grandparents and Uncles and Aunts who were watching her from heaven and sharing in their special day.  

Finally the father of the bride gets his first glimpse of his little girl all dressed up like a princess again.  We were getting pretty good at keeping our tears in our eyes and not letting them run down our faces LOL.

 Her beautiful and supportive friends (Stephanie, Kathleen, Annie, Claire, Bree, Elise and Amy) were waiting for their first glimpse at the bottom of the stairs.

Off to the backyard for some quick pictures before we set off for King Valley where her Prince Charming was waiting.  And Rachel was not going to be one second late.

Meanwhile Jay and family and his groomsmen were all at Kingsbridge Convention Centre with their own photographer.  I love the way there are always 2 photographers nowadays.  

Jay sprucing up Adam his best man and friend since Grade 6.  

The groomsmen did a great job of keeping Jay relaxed and distracted (from the blue jay loss :))  Fancy socks were included by Jay as part of his gift to his groomsmen.  Andrew and David's had cats on them.  

Mom glowing as she pins Jays boutonniere on.

Neil Irvine (destined to be best friends before they were born, Lindsey and I kept rubbing tummies together) and AJ Sanderson (Neil's famous brother-in-law) sang the walking down the aisle songs and the signing of the registry song.  Great job by both of them.  

Another one of those little special touches as Jay walks his mom down the aisle.  

I was lucky enough to be escorted to my seat by my darling handsome sons.  I'm not sure if my feet were touching the ground or not.  

David Carlson with the lovely Amy Fyfe.  It was very special the way Jay and Rachel included their siblings in their wedding party.  Love runs deep in both their families.  

Older brother Andrew with oldest girlfriend Kathleen, they have been best friends since they were 3.  

The always supportive Best Man - Adam and Maid of Honour - Annie.  
Jay finally glimpses his princess and yes he reacted exactly the way we thought he would.  Thankfully mom was there to pass him a kleenex.  
A proud poppa who couldn't have picked a better man to give over the care of his precious daughter to.  Rachel holding back tears as she glimpses her Prince Charming.  
Proud parents.  
The beautiful Aldene so proud of her grandson and who has welcomed Rachel into her loving family.  
The Carlson/Wright side enjoying the ceremony.  
Kim Clarke performed the ceremony.  Her service and love and sincerity overflowed as the kids took their vows.  Kim has known Rachel and a number of the guests from days when they attended Devins Drive Public School with her kids.  
Now where did I put the rings.  
Signed, sealed and delivered.  

One of many kisses shared by the newly married Mr & Mrs Fyfe.  

A quick glass of champagne for the wedding party before they headed outside for some pictures.  Thankfully the rain held off (maybe a little misty still probably from my dad and brother not being able to get a free drink on Jim's tab).  I gather grey days are great for pictures, no squinting, shadows or overexposure.  We were very lucky with the colours being late this year King Valley was showing off its beautiful fall colours and lots of trees still had their leaves dancing in the breeze.  

Meanwhile the bar was open and the guests were mingling.  

The always supportive groomsmen helping to hold up Rachel :)

A quiet moment together and then back to the party and they were definitely ready to party.  

Neil and Josh were the MC's and did a fantastic job of keeping the night running smoothy.  A little bit of sentimentality as Neil showed the picture of Rachel's first kiss which was with the handsome Mr. Neil.  :) 

Speeches were kept short and sweet and sentimental and funny.  Jay's family have been huge promoters of the Movember campaign every year.   
Adam has known Jay since Grade 6 and Annie has know Rachel since nursery school, so lots of fun and sentimental memories.  It is has been amazing watching these kids mature into the wonderful young and successful adults they are today.  

The siblings speech turned into a talking song (here's the link thanks Miranda for posting it).  Rachel and Jay were always playing the Taylor Swift Blue Jays song to get ready for games and sent it off to all their family and friends so the kids decided to write a version for the wedding, it was quite hilarious, sweet and entertaining.  Good job kids.   


Jim and I managed to make it through our speech with only one teary moment, - by Jim as he talked about Jay asking him for Rachel's hand in marriage.  We can't say enough about how lucky we are to have Jay Fyfe a member of our family and a partner for Rachel.  We may not grow moustaches but are happy to support their Movember campaigns.  

The first dance, a special moment we were all able to share with these 2, who almost seemed to forget that we were all there as they expressed their love for each other.  


A moment they will both treasure for ever.  Jim picked a song by Paul Simon - Father and Daughter which expressed so wonderfully how important Rachel is to him (and me).  (A recommendation from his good friend Bob Goss)

Becky picked the beautiful song Child of Mine by Carole King which produced some lovely tender mother and son  moments.  

Something to remember trips to the bathroom become much more of an adventure when you have a long dress on, thankfully on my first trip my niece Colleen was there and she mentioned to me that the back of my dress was tucked into my underpants.  On the way back from one of my many trips Rachel met me outside to dance with her to a song that her grandparents played endlessly and when we think of them we think of this song.  Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.  Thank you Rachel for including this song, this memory and a dance with your mom into your night.  love you to bits.

The Disc Jockey Jason Rolland was excellent.  Lots of great tunes old and new, the dance floor was always hopping.  

Thanks to Em's Cupcakes for the wonderful cake and cupcakes.  Part of the display were teacups from Rachel's and Jays grandparents and parents with flowers in them.  The cake knife was from our wedding and we had Rachel and Jay's and Becky and George's wedding dates put on it.  

Say your vows, have a kiss, First dance, have a kiss, cut the cake, have a kiss.  Any excuse would do.  xoxoxo

The dancing was starting and Rachel and Jay had provided flip flops for anyone who needed a break from their shoes.  Thanks to Annie for picking these up in the States.
The boys table made up of friends from Devins and the partners of her bridal party put a little song together for her and Jay.  :)

Trevor is collecting garters, I gather his 5th one.  We are all waiting Trev .............


The Irvine clan have been friends since 1985 when we moved into our new houses in Aurora.  Now we are celebrating our children's graduations, weddings, and children.  Where did the time go?


 Claudia and Bob another member of our Tribbling family and The Williams family who surprise surprise we met on a soccer field and became fast friends through hockey.  Rachel and Kathleen forming a strong bond as they shared gummy bears and played with their polly pockets while their big brothers played hockey all across Ontario.

The Wright Ladies and our Tribbling Ladies, I am surrounded by beautiful, loving women.  Watching Rachel and her friends I feel she is as blessed as I am.


Rachel and I dancing with our favourite Irvine boys, oops sorry Doug I meant youngest.  

The 2 Jim's enjoying their rum, or wine or beer or all of the above.  

Jim and his son-in-law wore the Wright colours to the wedding, the ever popular McIntyre clan.  Julie also has her sash on.  I am sure it was present in most of the battles in Braveheart :)  It was wonderful to see Susan and Kevin (cousins) here from Newcastle.  Susan was in my wedding party in 1978 and Jim and I and Andrew went to England to celebrate their wedding in 1984.  Fond memories continue to grow.  


John and Nancy Malcomson, not the tallest man here but close, his brother beats him out by about 3 inches.  
Jim with his 2 wonderful sisters and 2 nieces.  Jackie, Deni, Lynne and Paula.  
The Carlson/Wright clans have known each other a long time and had no trouble sharing a drink and memories of their youngest cousin.

David had almost as many tears in his eyes as Jay did today.  A brotherly hug filled with love for his little sister.  

The photobooth was a big hit at the wedding.  Rachel and Jay had made up a guest book with engagement pictures in it and asked everyone to take a picture and put one of the copies in the guest book.  Lots of laugh and I gather only one inappropriate picture.  I wonder who that was ???

Another kiss to end a beautiful day as they set off on their new life together.  Off to Hawaii they go.  I miss them already.  xo 

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