Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Wedding Journey Continues: Wedding Party Meet and Greet

Let's have a party!.  What better excuse, as if I need an excuse.  I love parties especially if there is wine and cake :).  The easiest part of this get together was the guest list.  32 in the wedding party. Family is very important to Jay and Rachel so they decided to include their siblings in the wedding party.  Also meant there weren't any good excuses for them not showing up.  It helped that I kept sending Andrew and David pictures of the food, always the best way to their hearts.

Picking the theme was a little more challenging and then I remembered Pinterest and Google.  Seriously how did we manage before the internet.  And then I remembered that Jay and his family are big MOVEMBER supporters and get right into the spirit of the mustache growing event every November so why not support mustaches at this party too.

I must admit by the time I cut out 32 mustaches and lips for the name tags I was starting to feel like a brownie leader again.

The menu, again back to google, just type in Wedding Brunches and tons of ideas come up.  Rachel and Jay came up Friday night (pizza night of course) so I had 2 little helpers to put the final touches on everything.  


I LOVE finger food.  Pop it into your mouth, oh look another one, in it goes.  It's like those little egg salad and salmon sandwiches with no crusts cut into triangles.  I would never eat more than 1 sandwich for lunch, but those little triangles amazingly I can eat about 12 of them.  

Rachel recommended a Mimosa Bar and we definitely needed a "Beer Boat" for Jay.  Poor Jay, his groomsmen and future brothers-in-law just happened to have an all day event on the Saturday (which meant we were just glad they got out of bed on the Sunday).  Being a little cool, we loaded up the bottle bins with ice and then Jay had to cart the beer and champagne up the stairs from the cold cellar.  (I do think he likes this kind of stuff - at least I hope so :))
Everyone is here and the table is ready to go.  Tinkle the beer bottle to get everyone's attention and give a little speech.  LOL - yep throat locked, face went red, started waving my hands but with a little help from Jim made it through it.  Luckily when I do a little welcome it is never very long :).  I'm practicing wearing heels and giving speeches to get ready for the wedding.

Rachel's Maid of Honour Annie and her husband Jordan couldn't make it they were back in Michigan after the weekend bridesmaid shopping and Jay's groomsman Matt and his wife Kelly are living in London, England so they had to pass as well.  Looking forward to meeting them at the wedding.  

Being a wee bit sentimental whenever I host a family or holiday party I think of my mom and mom-in-law and fond memories of their celebrations.  Nana's cheese and onion pie and Victoria sandwich cake and Granma's country style potatoes had a place of honour on the table.  

The Dad's - what do you thinking. Talking about the tux or suit they will be wearing, what kind of shoes  lol.  I'm betting - golf, blue jays or some sporting event.

Amazingly it was actually nice enough to sit out the back.  The sun felt wonderful.  

Dessert is served.  
The Ladies

The Men

The Wedding Party (less Annie and Matt)

Couldn't have a party without a loot bag - just a little fudge to sugar them up.  :).

The Menu
Deviled Eggs
Asparagus Wraps
Ham & Swiss Cheese Croissants (a big hit)
Sausage Rolls
Country Style Potatoes
Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese on Baquette
Tomato and Bocconcini Skewers
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato Skewers
Jay & Rachel's Spicy Tortilla Pinwheels
Mini Quiches
Fruit Salad (thanks to Becky)
Limoncello Cake (thanks to Becky)
Yogurt & Fruit Parfaits
Victoria Sandwich Cake
Mrs Allen's Chocolate Chip Cookies (another famous neighbourhood Granma)

Thank you everyone for attending and helping to add some wonderful memories to Rachel & Jay's Wedding Journey.  

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