Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Strange things happen when your one and only daughter gets engaged.  I went from a brunette (Lady Clairol over the sink for $12) to a multi-toned blond (cost $120 every 6 weeks - crazy).  My plan for not buying any shoes - ZAP out the window I had a record number of shoe purchases.  Dresses, skirts, makeup - what was happening to me.  Rachel had a wedding, 3 showers, rehearsal party plus all the other fun stuff.  Add to that 3 friends whose children were getting married - 3 more showers, 3 more weddings.  That's a lot of shoes ladies.  I was having so much FUN.  

That's not even mentioning the MOB dress.  Hello do you know how important I am, I gave birth to this princess, she is my best friend.  I can't let her down.  How do I find a MOB dress up to that.  Well you start off trying on everything.  

First shopping trip with was MJ in Florida.  Thank goodness we didn't take pictures that day, the one the sales girl (size 0) insisted I tried on, was a silver latex, it took 2 of them to get me into it and almost had to call the janitor to help me get out of it.  I looked like a mermaid who jiggled.  Arielle did not jiggle anywhere, I jiggled everywhere.  LOL  and the more MJ and I laughed the more I jiggled.  

Next was a trip to Vaughan during March break, big mistake, everyone was 17, it was very busy and all the MOB dresses were navy.  Nope as much as I love navy that was the girls colour.  

While out bridesmaids shopping with the girls I just had to try a dress on.  WOW HOT PINK and shiny.  An absolutely beautiful dress but I felt like the granny of all grannies for a bunch of flamingoes.  LOL   Thank goodness it wasn't a spring/summer wedding or I might have been tempted.  :)


Next stop was the Bay downtown, I found some lovely off the rack MOB dresses.  The one I really kinda liked was dark grey/silver.  I kept trying to explain to my friends that it reminded me of someone, I was thinking Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe when one of my good supportive girlfriends said "you mean Jane - Jane Jetson".  
 Image result for image of Jane jetson
The off the rack dresses at the Bay were lovely, again lots of navy.  This turned into the biggest problem with the off the rack dresses you couldn't pick your colour.  


 My next stop was Elmwood Brides in Aurora.  The nice thing about bridesmaid stores is if you find the dress you can pretty well pick any colour you want.


I found IT.  Just needed Rachel to agree with the colour - a steel blue.  We went back to where the girls had picked their dresses and YEAH Rachel loved it.  And I got 20% off.  Next stop accessories - more shoes, new bra, jewelry and what to do with my hair.  Time to practice different "DOs"!!

A couple of key things to remember when dress shopping, full make up, shoes, a good bra and supportive underwear :)  Now if bathing suit shopping was as much fun.  

Now I can't wait to be the "Mother of the Groom"  - hello sons - anytime :)

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