Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Merlin's Hollow Aurora - 35 years of beauty

How could I resist going for a quick (toddle) walk along the pathways in Aurora this morning.  The temperature was perfect, the trees were full so lots of shade and boy did the pathway look different from my spring walk.  Eerily quiet and then came the runners.  It was starting to feel like the 404.  And everyone was passing me.

You can't imagine how excited I was to see this lovely couple ahead of me.  Finally someone I may be able to pass.

Here I go just whipping past this couple.  I was feeling quite chuffed with myself.  LOL.  This lovely lady then has the nerve to reach into her purse to give me a piece of paper and I am thinking "oh man seriously even on a walk".  How can someone have the nerve to stop me when I am finally able to whip past them.  Well as I was feeling quite magnanimous on this beautiful morning especially to find someone who was walking slower than me.  What a surprise.  You know that saying "stop and smell the roses", "enjoy the little things" this was one of those moments.  I just had the pleasure to meet Dierdre and David Tomlinson of Merlin's Hollow Aurora.  

Merlin's Hollow is a 3/4 acre garden in the middle of Aurora started in 1981 (35 years ago).  It is a true English flower garden and every year this couple opens up the garden on 3 Saturdays and 1 Sunday for everyone to come and enjoy.  (free of charge too).   When I first moved to Aurora the streets were lined on these dates with people going to enjoy a little oasis of peace in the centre of Aurora.  Below is their flyer, they would love to have you pop in.  

Today I am thankful for taking the time to stop and listen to a couple who are still feeding their passion.  

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