Friday, October 30, 2009

It is now October 30, 7 weeks since I wrote my last blog. Not a very good start to something I was so eager to do. Well on this dreary drizzly day I'm back. And surprisingly in an upbeat mood. The cottage is closed, as much as I miss it, it is nice not to have to worry about it for a few months. No trying to remember if you need butter at the house or the cottage. No dashing about trying to tidy up the cottage for visitors and figuring out menus for the whole weekend. O:) No lying on the dock lapping up the sun (not that we did alot of that this year). No more boat rides with friends (especially as our boat has gone to the boat graveyard). Now tis the season to regroup, take care of the house (maybe some painting definitely a good clean), putting the garden to bed for the winter, enjoying my cats (they don't like the cold and rain so hang around me alot more) and dinners with friends and family in the dining room with food from the oven rather than the bbq. Yes O:) I am looking forward to the fall and winter, good job as it is coming anyway.

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