Sunday, November 1, 2009

I like to laugh

I love my husband tremendously, but why is it that we don't belly laugh together the way I do with my girlfriends. Yesterday was Halloween and the guys went golfing so the girls and I went to Port Perry on an outing. It was grey, cold and windy but from the moment the girls hopped in the car, the moods all lightened and by the time we made the 40 minute drive to Port Perry we had shared a number of good laughs, shared some secrets (nothing major) and were ready to tackle the stores. The giggles and laughs continued up and down the streets of Port Perry as we bought some beautiful little Christmas crafts, read some hilarious pillows with quotes on pms and husbands (does your husband wear briefs or boxers - depends - this one really broke us up) and then the highlight was the Home Hardware store. Yes scary but the highlight of the trip was finding a pumice stone with a handle on it, there we were 4 50 year olds laughing away as we all lined up to buy a pumice stone with a handle on it for 8.99 so we could clean the calcium marks on our toilets. It was a great day that reinforced the value of friendship and made me thankful for being a women and having such good girl friends.

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