Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Summer

There is something about the coziness of fall and winter that I look forward to after a hectic summer of swimming, golfing, entertaining, gardening, etc. Fall/winter is the season of curling (yes a little active), reading (my favourite pastime), new TV shows (brain dead time). It is a time of quiet more intimate meals in the dining room with candles glowing and twinkling (hard to do in the summer with the brightness of the sun providing all the light you need). Wood crackling (ok no wood we have propane at home), flames flickering, rubbing your hands by the fire, lights down low and just enjoying the wonderful atmosphere from the fire. The flowers start to die off and the trees burst into their final goodbye to summer.

Driving through Ontario with the leaves showing off their yellows, reds and oranges is truly majestic. Giant oaks and maples reaching to the sky in their last hurrah before the snow comes and covers their branches and sets them twinkling in the morning sunlight. As summer draws to an end, I am truly looking forward to the fall and the winter. And yes by January 10 or thereabouts I'll be counting the days until the summer comes again.

Thank you Summer 2010 for lots of high temperatures, humidity, storms, sun, warmest I can remember the lake being. Good memories with family and friends sitting on the dock. A truly great finish to the summer of 2010 would be a long, warm and dry Indian Summer. OK I am being greedy. And yes I can't wait for the summer of 2011.

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