Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am SAD

All day I have been wanting to write a post and had all sorts of different titles and thoughts going through my head about what it would be about and I have settled on the above title because it is the most honest feeling I have expressed.

I am SAD

I love holidays and every holiday I am like a "manic depressive" unbelievably happy and despondently sad. My memories of past holidays with lots of people around, small children who were so happy to be together, lots of noise, lots of food and lots of mess and oh so TIRED. But they were always so worth it. Now we are in the transition stage, family has gone (Nana, Granpa, Uncle John, Grandad and Granma - I miss you), my children have grown up and as young adults I love them so much. But now they are pulled in different directions. Andrew wants to spend it with Jen and her family, David is off to Las Vegas and Rachel is off to Jays. So we compromise, we will have Thanksgiving on Friday so we can all be together. And that's fine, the day isn't the important part it is the being together and the wanting to be together that is important. Compromising is fine, but being taken advantage of is not. Be warned Christmas dinner will be here at my home on Christmas Day and my family will be there and as a family we will work out a schedule and a compromise that will suit all parties for future holidays. The family will transition again, but we'll talk about it as a family and make decisions as a family and it will work out and mom will relax. I love you all

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