Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips for Old Husbands, New Husbands and even Boyfriends

Tips for a happy relationship:

My husband loves t-shirts with logos on.  I love his t-shirts, one they are easy to wash, they don't need ironed and they are easy to fold.  Wherever we go Jim picks up a t-shirt, usually with a beer or a team or a pub on.  Today I am folding laundry and pick up this t-shirt and fold it and put it in his pile.  Whack!!!!!!!!! what are you doing? - that's his favourite Wrigley Field t-shirt that I stole.  And I'm never giving it back.  It is so soft and so comfy and when I stretch in bed it stretches with me.  It's MINE.  So this is where Tip #1 comes from, it was a bit of a battle but after many a night of seeing me in it, he admits it is now mine and just a distant memory for him and everyone has a great nights sleep.

Tip #1 for Old Husbands, New Husbands, Boyfriends and ok even brothers.

If your wife/girlfriend/sister ok friend says she loves your T-Shirt, you might as well give in and give it to her.  If not she will use all her wily charms (poutiness, whinyness, nagginess) to get it.  She will tell you how the smell will always remind her of you, it will make her feel safe.  She will tell you how cute she looks in it (ok you might prefer her in the camisole nighty and if you ever want to see her in that camisole again you better give her the t-shirt).  Make the best of a bad situation give in and next time buy 2 t-shirts.  :)

Send me your favourite tip/advice.  Having 2 sons in their 20's, I am thinking they can use all the help they can get.

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