Friday, May 2, 2014

Woodbine is open and Soup is running

It's been a long winter for everyone, but finally Woodbine is opened and Soup is ready to GO.  Yes, eating oats and being combed and having a personal trainer is a tough way to spend the winter, I could handle it.  And I must admit she looks alot trimmer than I do after this winter.  Next year oatmeal for me.

My first view of her was down in the paddock, looking as excited as a 2 year old at Christmas.  Being fussed over, everyone wanting a little piece of her and she is just loving it.

Our Jockey Skye Chernetz getting ready to take over the reins.

The proud owners looking a little more relaxed as she gets saddled up.  Missing David Carlson, who is sitting in a pub in London, England waiting for updates.  I am thinking these 3 guys were wishing they had a beer under their belt about now.

Strolling around the paddock.  

Looks so calm as she enters the gate.  The excitement is mounting.

I am busy clicking away with my camera, not really sure what is happening when OH MY GOODNESS, she is in the lead

She holds the lead and takes away the win.  I am talking to this lovely man who is down with me and he is congratulating me on the win.  LOL.  All of a sudden I am aware of this crazy noise, we both look at each other and I say, "what the heck is that", he starts to laugh and says I would presume those are your family and friends of "No Soup for You".  Yep, the guys, up in the owner's box were a hooting and a hollering like a bunch of banshees.  

So exciting, there were hugs and whacks on the back, back up to the clubhouse for a drink.  A few tears (me) and everyone talking at once.  Hands were shaking, and then wham it hits you again.  SHE WON.  So exciting, when's the next race LOL.......


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