Saturday, November 15, 2014

An action packed 24 hours in Toronto

Can't think of a better way to start a weekend then Friday afternoon lunch with girlfriends.  Arlene, Janine, Lynne and I met at Bijoy in Aurora for my birthday lunch.  Yes I know my birthday was in October but so much fun to keep the celebrations going.  Lots of  curries and other wonderful aromas envelop this lovely little restaurant.  Good conversation, wonderful atmosphere, cardinals and finches outside the window and some great food along with an amazing selection of teas - green, herbal, black, etc.

Unfortunately I had another engagement at 1:56 pm sharp at Woodbine with "No Soup for You", and the boys (Rachel was stuck at work).  Soup was running in the 3rd race at Woodbine, so I had to do a little dine and dash. Thank goodness girlfriends are understanding.  Our little grey filly came in 2nd.  There were 10 people in the stands and 8 of us shouting SOUP SOUP SOUP.  I don't bet on her anymore, I think I am bad luck.  It seems like every horse I bet comes in last LOL.  But I have discovered the $0.20 super high 5 race.  All you have to do is pick 5 horses in the correct order in 1 race.  Can't be any harder than the lottery right :)))

Can you believe it not only did I forget my camera but I didn't bring a charger so pictures are slim pickings but still a memory we will have to do again with my camera.  :))

Is that traffic in Toronto, yes but surprisingly not as bad as it looked.  I love the CN Tower, I wow everytime I see it.  

Jim and I were heading back downtown for dinner with Deni (sister) and John and Eric (nephew) and Nancy.  Eric has moved into the restaurant business and we were dining at one of his newest additions Byblos.  The food is eastern Mediterranean which again means wonderful fragrances were in the air and eventually making my mouth dance.  Another thing I love is sharing food and this is a true family sharing menu.  Why order 1 or 2 things when with 6 of you, you can order a dozen.

The 1st thing on my list was a cocktail called "Across the Sea" - a mint tea infused rum with lemon juice, ginger etc, so refreshing and I'm sure healthy.  If I can remember, the recipe will become my dock drink next summer.

These are just a few of the things we ordered, well we didn't Eric did.  :)
  1. 2 different kinds of olives, marcona almonds, organic house labneh (bread and yoguart).
  2. Guernsey Girl Cheese, Duck Kibbeh, Roma Salad
  3. Couscous, Seared Cauliflower, Green Beans
  4. A rice dish that was amazing can't remember the name, slow braised Ontario Lamb leg
Everything you put in your mouth was amazing.  I don't even like Lamb and I was ready to just keep piling it on my plate (too bad I had to share).  The best word to describe this restaurant "mouthwatering".  Amazing.  Add to this a great wine cellar and you have a perfect evening.  Thanks Eric for organizing.

Jim being the smart cookie that he is, figured out we might drink more than a bottle of wine tonight so we booked a hotel room just down the street from the restaurant.  A Residence Inn on Wellington just full of lots of families in for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.  A great sleep, a free breakfast and we were off to the St. Lawrence Market.  3 different meats (that have now turned into tonight's meatball dinner).  Cheese - can anyone go into the St Lawrence Market and not buy cheese.  Olives, yes more olives and sweet potatoes to make into gnocchi tomorrow.  

Next stop was a coffee, did I say coffee I meant the best cappuccino in Toronto at my favourite lunch restaurant Le Papillion.  Back to the car to drop off our stuff and next stop was a peek at Pier 27 a condo development on the lake beside the Westin Harbour Castle.  We found a lovely little 2 bedroom unit at 1200 sq feet for 1.2M, yes 1.2M.  Donations to the Jim and Lynne Retirement on the Lake fund would be greatly appreciated.  Can't imagine what their maintenance fees are.  Might be cheaper to buy Captain John's boat if it doesn't sink.

Toronto is making me very spoiled.  Jim and I were talking about when we grew up our moms basically made 7 meals.  Sheppard's pie on Monday, Stew on Tuesday, Sausage on Wednesday, Breakfast for Dinner on Thursday, out to Fish and Chips or Pickin Chicken (our Swiss Chalet) on Friday, Saturday was soup and sandwiches and Roast on Sunday.  We can go a whole month without a repeat in our menu.  The different meats, vegetables, spices - so wonderful living in a multicultural city.  

From there we headed to the ferry to take a ride across Lake Ontario before it freezes :).  To our surprise there is only the car ferry to Ward Island running, all the rest are cancelled until April 15.  As soon as we walked on it we started to remember our trip to Arran when we were in Scotland.  Too much fun.  There were about 75 people on it.  I keep forgetting how many people still live on the island, there were bikes and carts and wagons, full of groceries and other things that have to be transported by boat over.  On the way back the travelling Toronto Library Van joined us on the boat.  

Just to the left of Jim is the condo we are hoping Santa will bring us.
Jim being his sweetest, when I looked at the picture I said where is Toronto, he said he would rather have a shot of me.  :)
Next stop home and the meatballs are simmering, the wine is being uncorked..  A busy day, lots of friends, family and fun times with my hubby.  :)


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