Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Songs that make me Smile - Facebook Fun

The things my nephew Danny will do to get attention.  There I am on facebook and all these people (mostly family) start listing their favourite songs.  Like hey - this is way more fun than the ice bucket challenge.  Pick me, Pick me.  Another day goes by and I am starting to think I may have to uninvite him and his family to our Christmas Party.

Day 3 comes along, another bunch of great songs and hey they picked me!!!.  I had been starting to feel like the kid waiting to get picked for the baseball game.

Shysters now what to do.  There are so many great songs.  OK "happy" "songs that make you smile" being the key element here.  I love happy songs but I do seem to have accumulated a bunch of sentimental stuff.  Laugh, cry, same thing right.  Nope - Lynne listen to the actual words, just because you sing along and you smile as you sing (luckily no one else is around - they wouldn't be smiling) doesn't mean they are happy songs.  Wow this is harder than I thought.  And way more fun.  So here is my list of 5 happy songs.

Day 5 - Had to be a Beatles song and this I dedicate to my family and friends.  The first line is very appropriate for me as I know how they have struggled to harmonize with me at times (like always)
With a little Help from my Friends
Day 4 - Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis - Cruisin
Day 3 - My Best Friends Wedding - "Say a little prayer for me".
Day 2 - Roy Orbison - "Pretty Woman"
Day 1 - The Turtles - "Happy Together"

 Danny Wright 
Also nominated Taylor Wright, Chelsea Wright and Michelle Papineau.  Below are their songs.  I am now setting up a playlist of "Happy Songs".

Day 5 - The Fratellis - Chelsea's Dagger
Day 4 - The Temptations - My Girl
Day 3 - Rocky Horror Picture Show (this was the song he picked the day he nominated me.  Not sure if that is a compliment or not :))
Day 2 - Billy Joel - Only the Good Die Young
Day 1 - Finally a beatles song - Good Day Sunshine

 Chelsea Wright 

(Danny's beautiful daughter) and a wonderful musician in her own wright - oops right.
Day 5 -
Day 4 - The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden
Day 3 - Corinne Bailey Ray - Put your Records On
Day 2 - The Beatles - Hey Jude
Day 1 - Dave Grohl & Norah Jones - Maybe I'm Amazed

 Taylor Wright 

Possibly the most talented Wright I know :)))
Day 5 - Gerry & the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Final song that makes me smile!! A family favourite that we karaoke at every event  love this song and my fam!!! Thanks Danny Wright for the nomination  love you!! 
Day 4 - Day 4 - Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop
Day 3 - Across the Universe - All you need is love
Day 2 - Sam Cooke - Bring it on Home
Day 1 - The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Nice

 Michelle Papineau 

Another music nut, don't do a music trivia with her and yes she is also a favourite female in Danny's life - his beautiful sister-in-law.  Must admit Michelle, you have 4 bands and 4 songs I have never heard of.  Great selection.
Day 5 - Anthrax - I'm the Man
Day 4 - Deee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart
Day 3 - Bootsy Collins - I'd rather be with you
Day 2 -  Nelly - Hot in Here
Day 1 - The Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine Live

 Linzi Wright 

is continuing the sharing from bonnie Scotland.  Here are her 1st 3 picks.  I think she's been thinking about this.
Day 1 - Rem - Shiny Happy People
Day 2 - Wham - Wake me up before you Go Go
Day 3 - We are Scientists - The Great Escape

 Christine Bowes Fenn

A friend since grade school, who thanks to facebook I have reconnected with.  She also has great taste in music.  Here's her story to go with Day 1.  Gordon chose it as his "wedding song" to me as a surprise. The surprise was that the DJ forgot to bring it! Somehow made it all the more memorable. (I'm still (& always will be) a sucker for romance .  PS Married for 36 years so I guess it all worked out!
Day 1 - Herb Alpert - This guys in love with you
Day 2 - The Proclaimers - 500 Miles
The first time I heard it was at a resort in Mexico-- of all places! I remember many a time marching around, up, down, on furniture, indoors, outdoors with our good friend Mike McLean (once to the consternation of my Dad who told me to get off my own furniture: didn't matter it was in our own house LOL.....what a laugh we had! It's a catchy tune and of course you won't be able to get it out of your head for awhile! (I know it's late, but still only "day 2"!)
Day 3 - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Version - Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
and the original versions What a Wonderful World
Dave 4 - Sarah McLachlan - BlackBird I know it's usually the Beatles but I like this version too. Makes me think of my bosom buddy girl friends and about second chances. It's hopeful, simple and "catchy"!
Day 5 - One Direction - Little ThingsSo here I am at day 5 of "my happy song list and I'm back to thinking about Gordon again. He bought this (or come to think of it, he ordered it and I bought it LOL) and snuck it into my I-tunes library as a little surprise. He said it was what he'd sing to me, (IF he could sing I suppose). I thought it was one of the sweetest, most romantic things to do! We've still "got it" after all these years! Enjoy! 

 Carol Whyte Sangwin

I have also known Carol since David Hornell PS days back in Mimico.  Another great find on facebook.  :)
Day 1 - The Ottawan - Hands up Give me Your Heart
My 2 granddaughters danced at the kiddie disco to this song every night on our first trip to Punta Cana. It played at the gym the other night & I smiled through the rest of my work out!
Day 2 - Anne Murray - Snowbird Snowbird by Anne Murray because right about now I'm guessing we'd all like to fly away lol.  (reference to big snowstrom and record cold temps here in November grrr)
Day 3- He's got the whole world in his hands My dad would hold our babies in his hands & walk or rock them while he sang this to them...always puts a smile on my face. Our first grandson came stillborn on the same date that dad passed years ago...I reckon he's rocking & singing to our little Avery as well. Which also makes me smile!
Day 4 - Playing for Change - Stand by Me Dedicated to all the people in my life who have stood by me. I hope I've stood by others when they needed someone! Also in this vid, Clarence Bekker makes me smile lol..the concept of playing for change does as well:)

This is what I have so far.  Some great songs by some amazing artists.  They are especially wonderful today as I watch the whiteouts out the window.  The cats and I are staying inside.

I know that Sarah and Rachel Kane (2 more of Danny's beautiful daughters - he has a very talented family) were also nominated, but I am a little old to be their friends on facebook.  So Sarah and Rachel please feel free to send me your picks.

There is lots of controversy about Facebook and Social Media and how much time we spend on it.  I love it.  Not only does it keep me in touch with people and their families that would have been lost if it was for mail and the phone.  It also lets me share a little bit of their lives.  From the Ice Bucket challenge - I shivered watching my family and friends do it, to this fun little song compilation.

I will keep adding songs when I see them.  This is turning into quite the playlist.  Thanks everyone.

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