Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Fyfe Shower, meeting Jay's family

Sunday, September 21, just over 1 month to Rachel and Jay's wedding.  The excitement level is rising, every day.  Today I get to meet some very important people in my future son-in-laws life.  His Granma Aldene, 3 of his aunts, friends of his mother, partners to his cousins.  A group of women who have helped make Jay the darling young man he is today and the love of my daughters life.  
 The shower was hosted by Jay's Granma Aldene, Aunt Marg and Aunt Joanne.  It was held at Marg's beautiful little peace of heaven on the shores of Lake Chicoutimi.
 Punch was served with a lovely light lunch.  
  And then we attacked Aldene's homemade desert, a wonderful banana bread cake (which I am hoping to get the recipe for) and a family favourite carrot cake.  

Rachel is pictured here with 3 women who are going to become an even bigger part of her life.  She is one lucky lady.

I'm never sure whether the food or the presents are the best part of a wedding shower, but Rachel sure enjoyed opening some beautiful presents from the family.  


 Maybe the recipe for the banana bread came with the kitchen-aid.  :)
 Amy was not only the official recorder of presents but also had the very important duty of making the traditional shower hat.  And a great job she did.

 Karen one of Becky's girlfriends asked her husband to pick up a white bow for the present, he came back with a flowered candle holder, it was quite funny, but looked darling on the hat.
 You think speeches and thank you's will get easier, they actually do, just don't try not to cry, that's when you get all choked up.  lol

Thank you very much to Aldene, Marg and Joanne for hosting this beautiful shower and for welcome my daughter into their loving family and group of friends.  Looking forward to seeing you on October 24, counting the days.

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