Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Shower for our 1st Fall Bride the future Mrs Thom

Our first wedding has taken place and today is the shower for our 1st Fall Bride - the beautiful Miss Kaelyn Greenland.  Pauline is our lovely hostess and has gone all out decorating her house for this fun celebration.

 The table is set and ready for guests.  
The presents are arriving.  Judy and Melissa did a wonderful job of organizing the present, a kitchen theme was picked and we are excited to watch Kaelyn open them.  

I loved these so much I had to go and buy 3 sets (from Barrons in Aurora).

 Heather was in charge of finding lots of fun pictures of Jeff and Kaelyn to scatter amongst the room.  Not sure how Judy managed to arrive back from the Yukon on Saturday, make cupcakes and arrange the giveaways - a wooden spoon and gingerbread cookie.  Amazing job Judy.

 The Wine and Prosecco Bar ready to pop

The lovely hostess, Pauline and the Mother of the Groom, Dale Thom.  The excitement is building in the Thom household as October 10 approaches.  

 The proud Mother of the Bride, Cynthia with bridesmaid Melissa supporting Kaelyn as her special day approaches.
Lunch is ready to eat.  Thanks to Mary Jo and Melissa for their salad contributions.  Looking delicious. 

 Wine, Food and Presents, can it get any better.  It's too bad we don't do showers for 40th wedding anniversaries, there are a few approaching in this group of ladies.  

A present for Jeff
 A present for Kae from her bridesmaids.  Don't think she will be cooking or playing soccer in these.  The ladies weren't sure if you could even walk in these.  :)
 Yes the shoes had to get passed around.  Lots of fun comments.  

To go with all of Kaelyn's amazing kitchen gadgets, the ladies all contributed one of their favourite recipes to add to Kaelyn's repertoire. 

Enjoy our recipes

Finally dessert.  Cupcakes and fruit, thanks to Lindsey for her amazing fruit tray to go along with the sugar rush cupcakes.  :)

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed and who helped fill this shower with wonderful memories.  

Kaelyn and Jeff we wish you everlasting love and strong friendships as you enter this new chapter of your life together.  

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