Thursday, November 5, 2015

24 hours left in the Wedding Countdown

1 more sleep.  If it hasn't been done now it isn't getting done.  LOL.  Bluberi Spa in Aurora did a great job of accommodating 6 of us for mani/pedi's.  And then it was off to finalize the set up at King Valley Golf Course.  Chantal and Kayla had everything set up other than the plates and cutlery.  It looked fantastic.  Everything Rachel had been envisioning.  All her special little touches were in their places of honour just waiting for the guests to arrive.


Her seating chart included their engagement picture and copies of both sets of parents wedding pictures (oh my that was a long time ago).


 My favourite was her tribute to her grandparents, they will always be in her's and Jay's hearts.

Back home we go, Celeste is coming over to do Rachel's trial make up and then it is a pizza and Blue Jays night with Jay's family and Annie and Adam.  First thing on the list is to make up 26 sandwiches and salads for the wedding parties the next day.  We don't want anyone fainting from hunger, especially if we are starting the day with champagne.  It was hard going to bed and leaving the game on, but when Rachel and I saw the rain tarp come out, off we went.  Rain Delay = Bedtime.  We will find out in the  morning what happened.  BTW one last girls night, Jim was shifted into another room so Rachel, Cleo, Miss Jimmy and I could yak, snore, toss, and giggle.

Wake up time was 7:30, not bad and we both managed to sleep, even better.  In the shower, no washing your hair (it curls better if it is dirty) and off to the hairdresser.  Lisa, Jules and Jamie of Ego Hair Salon were waiting for us with their brushes, rollers, straighteners and 100's of bobby pins.  They have a fantastic set up for parties (we were 10 ladies).  The store is closed and Bre and Kathleen had set up a mimosa bar and food table with lots of Tim Horton's coffee.  Thank you so much girls, it was wonderful.

When Rachel and I arrived, 3 ladies were already being combed and teased and curled.
 Celeste was working her magic with about 100 different make up brushes.  I own 2 LOL.

 Rachel was called over for the hot roller treatment.  

The girls all decided to do up-do's.  So many amazing things you can do with an up-do, everyone looked different.  

The girls are ready for the next batch.  

My turn, decision time, still not sure what to do, up down, curly definitely.  

Part 2 of the Bride's Hair is underway.  

 A few tears are coming, excitement is building, next is the veil.  

  Look at these eyes, amazing job.  


 Success it took Lisa and Jules, but the veil is secure.  

The limo has arrived and we are heading home.  More champagne anyone :))))

 A little drizzle will not stop this wedding.  Jim helps Rachel into the house.  Wonder if there is more champagne waiting.

Limo Jim turns the bride over to Dad Jim.  Are those eyes a little watery???  

The flowers have arrived.  

Now Rachel is being transformed by Celeste's magical brushes.

The girls all head upstairs to put on their final touches and finally they get to wear the dresses they bought back in April.

The final phase, the DRESS, omg it has been in my cupboard for 6 months.  I was constantly yelling at Jim - CLOSE THE DOOR.  Are there any cats in there.  Everytime there was a storm I was up checking to make sure I hadn't developed a leak.  whew, we made it and I can't wait to see my darling daughter in it.  And to see her dad's and Jay's faces when she walks in.  

 Imagine I have been told to turn my camera off and leave it at home.  

Well one more picture before I put away my camera.  Jay bought all the guys special socks.  Definitely need a picture showing off Jim's great legs.  5 hours and these legs will be twirling around the dance floor celebrating the wedding of Rachel and Jay.  

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