Monday, May 29, 2017

Cape Spear Lighthouse - the most easterly point in Canada

Cape Spear the most easterly point in Canada, the next view on the horizon is Ireland.  Which seems appropriate when you think of how many immigrants in Newfoundland were from Ireland.  They came as seasonal workers and stayed.  Almost every pub in town has an Irish name, Kelly's, Shamrock, etc.

What a full day, I started with a walk around the harbour at 8 am, then we were off to Cape Spear.  The great thing about St. John's is how many wonderful spots are just down the road.  A 20 minute drive up and down hills and around curves and we came across beautiful Cape Spear and an amazing coastline.

 There were lots of tourists taking pictures everywhere, 2 of my favourite Doug and Lindsey catching all the different views.

 Our first view of the lighthouse, still a grey sky day.
The wind is blowing the waves are crashing and yes I am wearing my winter gear.  A dangerous coast line, over 8 people have been killed here as either waves pulled them into the ocean or they pushed rocks up onto the shore.  You can never be too careful.  

Gray sky, dark sky, finally blue sky appeared for a minute or 2.  

Doug and Jim enjoying all the walking and hiking.  

 Yes it is May 29, temperature is up to 12 tomorrow, a wee bit cool today.

 Jim is definitely easy to find in his ski jacket that he hasn't worn since 1999 LOL

 The breakers just kept crashing on the shore, a lovely day. Lots of walking, laughs and now it is time for a beer and figure out the plans for the afternoon.  

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