Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stephanie's First Wedding Shower

Not sure who is more excited this beautiful bride, the mother of the groom or the groom's little sister. Well looking at that beautiful smile I am pretty sure it is Miss Stephanie Graham soon to become Mrs. David Carlson.   

Stephanie loves all things British so it seemed totally appropriate to have a "High Tea Shower" with all the fixings.  I have discovered with our very talented professional organized daughters that surprises are not really allowed, although we did manage to keep a few surprises for her.  At one point I was worried I might have to change my passwords on my computer and Rachel and I are getting pretty good at hiding things, ie posters and pictures.  :)
The future groom thought he would in pop for a hug with his little sister, but I am sure he was hoping to find something to eat, especially if it was sweet.  :)

A big thank you to our niece Jacqueline who provided all the flowers from Pusateri's.  Absolutely beautiful.
Rachel spent hours on Pinterest and Etsy looking for ideas and did a wonderful job of decorating.  Couldn't have a High Tea with out a Champagne and Mimosa bar.

Sharon, Lindsey, Stephanie and Dale
Finally the friends and family started to arrive.  I must admit it was much harder hosting than I thought.  I apologize if I didn't spend enough time with everyone and my camera was put away so I am sure I missed some amazing pictures.  But it was so fun helping Rachel to organize.

We decided to do a mini Photobooth for Stephanie's scrapbook. Thank you to Kathleen for the Polaroids, so much fun.  We had some extra hats sitting by Rachel's piano and Ainsley helped take pictures of everyone for the scrapbook.

Families move and grow and it is harder to get together, thank goodness for showers and weddings to allow us all to reconnect under such happy times.
Maureen, Denise, Julie and Eileen

Nancy, Emma, Denise and Lindy

Nancy, a good friend of Stephanie's Mom and Kathleen also counting the days until her wedding.  

Mother and Daughter, hard to tell the difference. 
After our High Tea lunch it was time for presents.  Definitely a favourite part of the brides.  

Mary Jo and Kathleen writing up some date night advice for David and Stephanie.  

Mother of the Bride enjoying a yak with Aunt Deni.  
It is nice to have young people at your shower, thanks to Ainsley for getting up and down with the presents, saving all our old knees for dancing at the wedding.  :)

I am sure there would have been a comment here about just what "David needs".  :)  How did we cope before slow cookers were invented.  I received one as a shower present 38 years ago.

The Carlson High Tea

Can't have a High Tea without Scones, homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream.  OK OK the clotted cream didn't quite work out and as it was an 18 hour process there wasn't time to try another batch.  Off to Sobeys for some Creme Fraiche :)

Our little loot bags were jam and "David's" Peppermint Tea to say thank you to our family and friends who helped by joining us in celebrating Stephanie's and David's upcoming wedding and their amazing generosity.   Memories we will always cherish.  

Tuna Triangles
Turkey and Provolone Triangles
Deviled Eggs
Ham and Cheddar Quiches
Leak and Bacon Quiches
Asparagus Roll-Ups
Rachel's Famous Potato Salad
Tomato and Cucumber Greek Salad
Pink and White Fudge
Butter Tarts
Clotted Cream

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