Monday, August 6, 2012

Arrive in Chicago

After a wonderful swim in lake muskoka we loaded up the car and set off on our adventure. Jim took the first leg of the drive getting us to the Tim hortons just south of King City, then I got behind my little Mazda three and zoom zoom off we went to Greystones Golf Course. I've played a number of clublink courses and this might be the most beautiful. It is built right into the escarpment. Thankfully there was lots to look at as my golf was pretty ugly.

After a nice dinner we headed to Windsor where we stayed at the downtown Holiday Inn. Seemed like a good idea to stay downtown thinking we were going to the casino but when we saw the bed we both crashed. If you think of going here again keep in mind that it is very noisy being on the main strip in Windsor.

Up and st them, we left the hotel at 930. Quick stop at duty free where we picked up 3 one lite bottles of Captain Morgan for $39. Woohoo.

My first trip through the tunnel and we were in Detroit, onto the i75 and we are heading to Chicago. We decided to take a break at a beautiful little town called St Joseph/Benton harbour. Walked along the beach. Lake Michigan was beautiful and very warm. A beautiful town I would go back to. Had lunch at a little restaurant called Schu's. Jim had a chicken flatbread and I had a buffalo chicken salad. If you like beer they had a number of local brews. We did pick up a few to bring on our trip with us. A walk around the town and then back in the car.

4 o'clock Chicago time and we are in our hotel "hotel sax" (yes sax not sex). It is right downtown beside the house of blues and the river. A little rum and coke and relax time (Jim has the converter) and then off to explore.

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