Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day two Chicago

Chicago day 2 , lots of walking. Blisters now from two pairs of shoes. The things I will do to buy a new pair of shoes.  We walked from our hotel to lake Michigan, spent the day at the navy pier.  Thought it would be a good idea to get on this gigantic ferris wheel.  By the time we got to the top, Jim was holding on for dear life and I was sitting as stiff as a rock.  Everytime  I get on a ferris wheel I always get stopped at the top.  WOW. It was crazy how scary it felt.  Going down wasn't so bad and we were able to have a good look around.  

From there we headed over to take the Architectural River Boat Cruise.  We discovered the shoreline shuffle which gave us the river cruise for one hour, a half hour shoreline cruise and as many water taxis for two days all for only $7 more than the river cruise.  $39 each what a bargain

The first cruise was the river cruise.  It went down the river and along the two branches pointing out all the different buildings and historical aspects of the city.  Such as the fact that it was not mrs o'leary's cow that started the great fire.  And the fact that from Michigan ave down to the water is all landfill which started from throwing all the buildings that had burned into the lake.  

I am not sure what Chicago has more of - Steak houses on every corner, cafes overlooking the river, beautiful bridges or boats.  The river was like our don valley with boats.  The tour guide said the bridges are all lift bridges and are busiest in the spring and fall to let all the sailboats through.

Next stop was onto a water taxi which dropped us about a block from our hotel.  Perfect.

A nice bath to rest my feet and then we were off to Rosebuds for dinner where I had the best Ceasar salad and a wonderful spaghetti marinara with a delicious Caparzo Sangiovese  Toscana.  Perfect.

Finished the night off with a baileys night cap at House of Blues.

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