Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chicago continues

After unpacking and some relaxing time in our room we went for a small walk around the river where our hotel is. Chicago just gets more beautiful. The Chicago river which runs through the city is as busy as our highways with tours and seadoos, fishing charters and cabin cruisers coming ino the city to dock right beside the restaurant they are dining at. We finally decided to eat on the patio at Smith and Wallensky. A famous steak house overlooking the river. Yes I had chicken. Jim had the filet trio which was three four ounce filets done with three different sauces, one was Gorgonzola, one mushroom and one onion. Dinner was delish. Our waiter informed us that Chicago has a steak house on every block and looking up and down the river he was definitely right. The food, the wine, the ambiance and the location were perfect.

Next we headed over to the House of Blues where a great session band was playing with a guitarist, drummer, bass, two sax players and a trumpet were playing. They were amazing. The drummer and guitarist were in their twenties while the rest of the group were 50+. I have never seen a guitarist play so fast I kept expecting his guitar to go on fire his fingers moved so fast. A great night, can't wait for tomorrow. a river cruise

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