Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beautiful Sorrento

Asleep at 230, awake at 730. Up and at em.  Try and go back to sleep.  Coffee in bed. Wow so strong. A little mist over the mountains, beautiful high blue sky. Finally get going around 930. Just going to take it easy today. Which means lots of walking. We find a nice little cafe for an English breakfast, capachinno, fresh squeezed oj, fruit cocktail and a donut  - oops we were expecting a croissant.  Lol.  Still ate it.  

Sorrento, and I'm sure most little towns along this coast are full of little alleys, shops, cafes, jewellery stalls and fresh markets. The colours are wonderful, bright yellows, oranges, reds, blues and greens.  Vespas are zipping in and out everywhere, they don't seem to have any rules, other than helmets.  Even saw kids texting and driving with one hand wiggling in and out of cars and people.  They pass on both sides, in between cars and buses and like to take curves on 2 wheels.  Roads that in Aurora would be one way handle big tour buses, cars, vespas and people (taking pictures) walking everywhere.  

The artwork is phenomenal, statues everywhere, a number of them by Salvatore Dali.  The churches here are impressive, painted ceilings, decorative crosses and statues to the saints. I can't imagine what the Vatican will be like.

We walk from the top of Sorrento, where our hotel is, to the sea.  A little worried about the walk back up.  Figure worst scenario we can get a cab.  There are vendors everywhere. They even own the beaches, where for 12 euro you can rent a chair and a change room.  In between the private beach is a public dock not much bigger than our cottage dock, it does have change rooms and showers. 

Time for lunch before the walk back. Split a pizza, beer and mimosa at a quaint little place on the pier.  There were 2 restaurants beside each other with 2 very cute Italians trying to entice people into their cafes, I had more fun watching them chirp each other then watching the marina. Lol

Most exciting part of the day was finding out that for 1 euro you could ride an elevator up the inside of the cliff, this got us halfway back to our hotel,  major relief :). Lovely walk back finding all sorts of little alleys, with no cars just people. 

Back to the hotel and a wonderful hour relaxing by the pool. The water is cooler than lake muskoka but a much prettier colour.  
That's an olive tree btw.  Yes Jim and I had to go to the top of the pool and slide down each waterfall. I told Jim he couldn't have a rum and coke if he didn't get in the pool.  Lol it worked.  Our motto for this trip is to do something silly everyday.  Might buy Jim a speedo tomorrow. As long as he doesn't put me in a bikini. Lol. Xrated pictures for tomorrow. Lol. Are you reading this kids. Beware.  

So after our swim we pop up to the lounge over looking the Tyrhheian sea so I can use the wifi. Ok let's have 2 glasses of chianti.  Future reference 2 glasses of chianti and tip come to 25 euros.  Back up to the room and down we walk to the wine store. 2 bottles of wine and 1 prosecco for 32 euros.  Thinking I will start my day with prosecco rather than lemon water from now on.  

Decided to have a wee taste of the San Lorenzo on the balcony before dinner.  It was so good we decided to have another :). Off we headed to dinner at 9 pm, the streets were crazy busy and the first couple of restaurants we looked at HDTV no seats on their terraces.  So we just kept walking there are literally 100s of restaurants and cafes.  Took an inside seat at .........................  It had a huge antipasto bar and the food was divine.  I had a spinach gnocchi with salmon, Jim had a carbonara and lemon veal and we shared a caprese salad.  Another lovely chianti and the bill came to 100 euros including tip.  Boy it would be nice to eat like this at home!!!

The waiter made a big mistake and brought us a very refreshing limoncello.  Delish and a wonderful way to finish off the night.  I thought. :). We head back to our hotel and Jim decides we need another limoncello.  The market square and surrounding streets have been closed to vehicular traffic and there are people everywhere.  . 

We find a seat at a cafe on the square and yes order another limoncello.  Below is what happens after 2 limoncellos

Yes you start taking pictures of everything. Lol. I ended up deleting about 20 out of focus and a number of shots of our feet. Lol

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