Monday, September 23, 2013

Too much limoncello

A very slow start to the day, not sure why? ;). Luckily I had pictures to show Jim how last night progressed. Lol.  I didn't do that!!! Was a a popular refrain from him this morning.  Even when we stopped at the same roadside cafe tonight, he was saying. We were here last night.... Yes we were ... Really...  Yep here's a picture. :)

Sorrento is a beautiful city, the customer service staff have all gone out of their way to learn English.  They have been ever so helpful with suggestions and tips.  The next paragraph is a total vent so feel free to bypass, it was just one guy.  Tips to put in your Things to know about Italy and I am sure a lot of European regional train stations. - 50 cents to get into toilet, exact change, bring your own toilet paper and be prepared for filth

We went to the bus/train terminal today, what a bunch of assholios.  We get our ticket and Jim lines up and I think ok I should probably go to the bathroom if we are going on a 1.5 hour bus ride up and down mountains.  Cant find the bathrooms. Go up the stairs, come down the elevator, finally ask at the tobacco shop. And the toilets are broke, have to go upstairs and use the train bathroom.  Follow the directions she gives me.  Hello.  You need a ticket to get to the bathrooms.  Go to the train ticket counter and he tells me to use gate 8 and over I go and open the door.  Down the stairs I go and voila!,...  You have to pay.  I don't have the correct change so back upstairs I go, back to the train guy and ask him for change and back to the door which he has neglected to open.  Bang bang on the door, these 2 guys having coffee look at me like I am nuts.  Hello I am over 50. When you need the bathroom, Clear the track.  Back to the train guy. I am normally a quiet person but this is really frustrating.  How stupido can you be?  Open the Freaking door I yell in English.  He did understand me.  Downstairs I go and omg the dirtiest, most disgusting toilets I have ever seen.  

Off to the Amalfi
We hop on the 1230 bus to Amalfi.  US Hwy 1 is a like a ride at centreville compared to this road.  Up and over mountains, tons of switchbacks with the bus honking its horn constantly to let other drivers know its coming.  The Italian sense of space and reflexes are amazing.  I don't know how many bikers I thought were toast between the bus and the wall on the sea side.  The countryside was amazing, the little town of Postiano is totally tiered. House on top of house going right ip the cliff.  The only flat area was where they built the piers.  white and yellow and red houses, just stunning.

Another 30 minutes and we were off to Amalfi.   After an hour Jim was starting to turn a little green.  So 1st stop when we got off the bus was to find a boat home.  There was a big cruise ship in and lots of boats in the harbour.  

A lovely little square with lots of people wandering up and down, drinking cappuccinos and Jim and I finally broke down and had our 1st gelato, pistachio with some lemon and I had a limoncello with I think a coffee chocolate vanilla.  Delish and very refreshing.  
There were 2 brides getting their pictures on the pier and in town.  Kept expecting to see Michael Corleone.

 There are tons of people going up and down he square along this 15 foot wide cobblestones road.  Next thing we see are cars moving down the road, Jim and I look at each other - oops he's made a mistake.  Nope this is an actual road and somehow these oblivious tourists who don't even seem to notice the cars and vespas remain unscathed.  

"The Cathedral of Amalfi built approximately 1266 was right in the middle of the square.  This monumental complex of the cathedral is testimony to Amalfi's past.  It includes the cloister of paradise, the basilica of the crucifix and the crypt of St Andrew.  The beauty of the art makes the people feel closer to god. Along the side of he cloister one can admire the remain of the ancient Byzantine pulpits of the cathedral from 1174 to 1200, inlaid with precious mosaics."

We hopped on the boat for a wonderful ride home, what a great finish to the trip. On the way there we saw the region for the top and on the way back we were able to view it from the water.
Finished off the night with another lovely meal at an outdoor cafe and then went back up to our market square to do some people watching.  Met another lovely couple from Britain.  Honestly I think there are more Brits in Italy then there are Italians.  The Piazza Tasso was just hopping, even at 12 on a  Sunday locals were there with their children in strollers, on bikes just walking and talking.  

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    Your trip sounds wonderful and your pics are amazing!...Love reading your thoughts at the end of my "work" day!
    Love Eileen