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Rachel and Jay's Rehearsal Party October 22, 2015

November 30, 2014 less than 11 months ago, Rachel and Jay embarked on the path to formally announce to their family and friends (and the world through social media) the love they have for one another, that their siblings and parents have been watching grow since October 2009.  The excitement and emotions have been growing exponentially every day for the last month.  And so have all the special little details that they have decided to make this day so special.  I finally have a bedroom back (at least until Sunday lol).  

Seating plans, signs, pictures, lights, presents, place names, etc, etc are all being transported to King Valley, an absolutely beautiful venue in King City.  

Chantal and Kayla, 2 of the best event coordinators provided by King Valley, had the venue all ready for our Taco Bar Rehearsal Party.  They gladly accepted all the little bits and bobs to be set out on Friday.   

Thanks to George and Becky for organizing the Rehearsal Party for all the wedding party and their significant others, just a small group of around 40 or so.  


The guests start to arrive and the bar is open.  


A couple of pre rehearsal drinks to relax everyone.  And a little mingling to set the party mood.  It didn't take much this group was ready to go.  


Thanks to Stephanie Graham for taking the pictures of our rehearsal.  I gather I'm not allowed to bring my camera wedding day.  :)

Jay leads off the party with his beautiful mother, Becky, followed by the dashing father of the groom, George.

That would be me the "Mother of the Bride" with my very tall, rather shy (lol) sons, Andrew and David.  

 While we were having our hair done on Saturday the respective wedding parties, wrote out the little introductions for each other.  Here is the wedding party doing their practice walk down the aisle.  I am presuming they will not be carrying drinks on Saturday.  LOL

First up we have Elise Dorman and Andrew Croll!  Elise is Rachel's university roommate and walk in clinic regular.  Andrew was Jay's university roommate and one of the most competitive people you will ever meet!

Off to the left in the picture above is Rachel's lifelong friend Neil timing the rehearsal as he is singing the ceremony songs with his brother-in-law AJ.

Next up we have Steph Miller alongside Matt Locke.  Steph is a world traveller and master chef, while Matt is also one of Jay's friends from university, most known for causing all the shenanigans and stirring up some rivalries!

 Claire Cockburn is alongside Steve Thorpe.  Claire is a Scotch lover and marathon ninja while Steve is Jay's cousin and the only guy who can rival Jay's love for baseball.

Next up we have Breanna McQueston and Andrew Harmgardt.  Bre is an epic storyteller and nail polish connoisseur.  Andrew spends his days buying and selling companies with his fancy clothes and bad haircuts.  

Here we have Amy Fyfe and David Carlson!.  Amy is the sister of the groom and matchmaker extraordinaire!  Dave is the little brother of the bride and spends his days trading for RBC and is the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world.

Kathleen Williams and Andrew Carlson are up next.  Kathleen is Rachel's oldest friend and sister from another mother.  Andrew is the brother of the bride who spends his days recruiting the next big talent and betting on ponies by night.

 The Maid of Honour Annie Roe and the Best Man Adam Tops are up next.  Annie is known as the mother hen of Rachel's friends and Adam spends his days working hard as a "sparky" and enjoys arts and crafts in his spare time.

 Is that a sneeze Rachel is holding back.  Don't think so, just a little emotional moment as she practices walking down the aisle with her loving dad.

The walk back up the aisle was a little quicker and a lot louder.  LOL


 The wedding party and parents.  

 I couldn't resist, this is the one and only time I will be the "Mother of the Bride".  woohooooo



 Another great use for your smart phone, you can write and read your speech on it.  Your very own teleprompter.

Rachel thanking this great group of gals for helping her on this wonderful day and creating memories some going back as far as 23 years ago.

Next up is Jay with his groomsmen and MC's Josh and Neil.

Serious countdown is starting.  Bring on Saturday.  

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