Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fresh Princess Win at Woodbine

A lovely sunny Saturday, with a brisk wind made for a great day to visit the track to see Fresh Princess's 2nd race of the year.  She is racing in the 9th race so we pop down for the 7th, might as well put a couple of bets in before we start cheering her on.  

David being a part owner is feeling a little nervous, but very confident today.  

 As she passes me by, I think she recognizes me.  "take my picture, take my picture".  She looks like she has a wink just waiting there for me.  

 Tony Gattellaro (proud owner and Trainer of Fresh Princess) talking with David about the race.  

Waiting for the start.  Fingers crossed.  No one talking much.  

 She is wearing number 3 today, with the blue and white saddle marker.  

 The excitement increases as she enters the gate and THEY'RE OFF.  

LOL, no way is she getting stuck behind anyone today.  CYA.  She is off to the front and never looks back.  

Rounding the corner she still has a commanding lead.  

 She looks like she is doing a little celebratory jump in the air here as she enjoys her commanding win.  Such amazing animals, the way their legs all work together, touching the ground, not touching the ground, all in the air.  :)

Congratulations Fresh Princess, Tony and David on a great race.  Looking forward to the next one in 3 weeks.  A perfect ending to a great day as we shared pizza and wine with David and Stephanie at Pizza Libretto in the city (which was full of happy Blue Jay fans).

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