Thursday, November 12, 2009

I miss my dad STILL

I miss my dad STILL. It has been well over a year since he passed away and his presence is still felt everywhere in my home. Bending down to pet the cats and rub their tummies I can hear his laughter behind me telling me what a nut I am. Turning on my cd's in the kitchen at 6 pm when I went in to start dinner always brings a picture of him sitting in his chair at the kitchen table, where he would update me on his conversation with Ina. Which I always new the gist of because even though he was upstairs in the bedroom talking to her, he talked so loud and laughed so loud that the conversation reverberated around the whole house. His soccer conversations with Andrew, his teasing David about girls, Rachel mothering him, laughing at Jim trying to sing all these memories still live in my home. Whereever I go, in the house, at the cottage even in the car (as soon as he got in the car he checked the time to see how long every trip took) he is still there with me. I am sure these feelings of him looking over my shoulder will diminish but for now I am still going to enjoy having him around. Love you dad

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