Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Move over Forest Gump

How did this happen? It was a nice sunny day, no wine involved. Suddenly the little "you've got mail" beep dings. Happily I open my email and there's this email from my sister-in-law, Maureen, yeah - it's not junk mail. And then I open it. I read it, I read it again. "Who is this", someone has taken over Maureen's email. Well no, Maureen hadn't been abducted by an alien, she just wanted to know if we wanted to do something insane like walk 60 kms in 2 days. I started to laugh and then the next thing I knew I was replying, "sure why not". Remember, there was no wine on my desk at this point in time. Then I quickly emailed Rachel and asked her to join us, like the rest of us she quickly jumped on the band wagon and the next thing I knew we were registered for the "The Weekend to end Women's Cancers".

That is why I now feel like I am the female version of Forest Gump. I walked to IGA today (2 km). On the way down I thought maybe tomorrow I'll walk to Dominion (5 km), let's walk in the Santa Clause parade on Saturday. That should be good practice, as we'll be singing carols at the same time. All I am thinking of is different places I can walk to. Move over Forest.

Rachel asked how far is 30 kms. I thought about it for a minute and then said to her that it would be equivalent to walking from our house to Toronto straight down Yonge St., and then back again the next day. At that point, both our jaws dropped open, wow, what have we done.

We can do this, we must train, we will need good music, we will have good family and friends with us and I am really excited about accomplishing this feat, because this will be a feat. Thank you Maureen for your email. I'll make sure to say that lots over the next 10 months of training (probably with some wine). Let's go team "Organized Chaos".

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