Thursday, March 21, 2013

More walking

A beautiful Island for Walking

Beautiful day, sunny and hot. It is wonderful.  A little later start to the day and the weather has made the beach quite busy.  Walkers bikers, strollers.  Still lots of room it is a huge beach and the tide is out again. Some of the homes along the shore are unbelievable.  Big balconies, fireplaces.  It would have been great to watch the thunderstorm the other night from one of them.

Today we decided to do a little tour of the island. Off to Palmetto Marina,  a pretty little spot, but not worth the time. I can't believe I said it, bit it's true.  From there off to South Beach.  Everything there is Salty Dawg related.  One guy seems to own everything there and has named everything after the Salty Dawg.  A really cute little area with some cute shops and a great  little bar on the water.  Enjoyed a great little Salty Dawg seasonal craft beer.   A little walk along South Beach, it was alot narrower and dirtier than the Omnis beach. 

Took the residential drive back through Shipyard Planation, beautiful houses, lots of timeshares and little malls. 

Popped back to the hotel, a little rum and coke on the deck and then we headed to Little Venice for dinner, having a little craving and they filled it with a spinach ravioli, perfect.  The restaurant is located on the river in a quaint little village with some great little shops and lots of boats too look at.

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