Sunday, March 24, 2013

So much fun yesterday we had to do it again March 23

Back on the bikes for one last ride before we head up to Charleston.  This time we head down to the beach.  I can't resist - I have to play tag with the waves, totally forgetting that there are no mudflats on my bike so my white ants and right up my back are totally covered in sand and water. Lol.  Too much fun.  It's over all too soon, which is probably good for our butts.

The drive up to Charleston is heavy rain, but stops when we pull into Charleston.  Off we go for a walk through historic Charleston.  It is unbelievably beautiful, really quite different from Savannah.  Big huge porches, carriage houses behind the property, Gas lamps, wonderful doorknobs, courtyards - I could just go on and on.  Big churches everywhere.  Then we came to Battery Park, right on the Atlantic, the waves were good and rough and to make it even more magical there were a couple of weddings going on.  Charleston is like Niagara on the Lake for destination weddings. 

The city was filled with cobblestone alleyways, brick walls and beautiful courtyards.  Palm trees in amongst gigantic oaks with spanish moss overhanging everything.  It was even on the telephone poles.  Azalea's were just starting to bloom, definitely the flower you think of when you think of South Carolina.  Picture Augusta and the Master's golf course everywhere you go.  

Everywhere you looked were beautiful gas lights.  Street lights, door lights, over garages, on gateways.  And they never seemed to turn off.  Just loved them, they added even more character to a town that was just bursting with it.

Dang my battery on my camera ran out.  Back to the hotel for a wee nap before we went off to Il Mercator for dinner.  A beautiful restaurant with great food, gnocchi for me and carbonara for Jim and to top it off they had a great little jazz band.

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