Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel day. Sunday March 17

Travel day

Up and at 7 am.  Car is packed and we are on the road at 730.  no one is on the road, the border is a breeze and we are dropping our bags off at 10.  drive up to the curb, unload the bags, run in to USAir and 5 minutes later we are back in the car taking it over to the parking lot.   

The first leg of the journey takes us to Philadelphia., where we hop on a flight to Charleston.  Glad the weather is good these planes are tiny.  Grab the car and off we go, sunglasses are on and so is the air conditioner.  

Eleven hours later we arrive at the Omni Hilton, a beautiful resort looking over the Atlantic Ocean.  We have a beautiful suite with a small kitchenette. Perfect!

We pop into the hotel's main restaurant for dinner and a well deserved glass or two of wine.  Dinner was delish, I had the chicken on a bed of mash with a wonderful gravy, started the meal off with a citrus salad.  Jim had a spicy seafood pasta with a blue cheese salad.  

The hotel is doing a lot of construction, new pools and towel huts.  They have done a lovely job with their patio areas including fire pits and fire places so I grab a baileys and Jim a rum and outside we go to enjoy some fresh air and a beautiful night sky.  The next hour we spend in the company of the Kelly's from Boston.  A wonderful chatty family, just what we needed to help settle into a new place.  

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