Saturday, March 16, 2013

Packing for Hilton Head

Every time I turn around there is another reason why I love technology and especially the Internet.  The weather network becomes my closest friend as a trip approaches.  Two weeks before the trip  I start checking out the weather.  From there I start thinking about what to pack.  I keep checking and then packing day approaches which is now the day before the trip.  Hilton Head's weather has changed enough that I have now packed some wet gear and a couple of sweaters, hopefully for night time.

The golf gear was brought into the house this morning. Discovered two new things about golf. I gather my balls were too frozen to take to Hilton Head so they have to stay home.  Sad little balls.  Second thing - leaving a sandwich in your golf bag for six months is definitely a no no.  At least I think it was a sandwich.

Early night in bed, up and on the way to buffalo at 7 tomorrow and hopefully in Hilton Head by 5 tomorrow. Bring on the sunshine.

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