Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Celebration for Lauren and her soon to be born child :)

How lucky we were 30 years ago when we moved into this neighborhood. Not only did we find a group of wonderful friends, but their families became our family. Today we celebrated with a baby shower for beautiful Lauren Robinson nee Goss. Love and hugs Lauren and Blair as you start this journey of parenthood. Thanks Lindsey Irvine and MaryJo Williams for making these events so fun to do xo

We decided to add a little nostalgia to our shower as we decorated with our kids beanie babies and cabbage patch dolls.  

How everything has changed since my children.  Oh yes, I am sounding like my mother and her generation, they were so excited when the jolly jumper came out and now they have exer-saucers for the kids.  A whole other degree of safety and fun for the next generation.
Future first time granny looking ecstatic.  

Lauren decided to keep the sex of her child a surprise.  We are lucky to have a resident mom who is our ultra-sound tech, but no amount of wine would entice the information from her.

Lauren delivered a beautiful little girl named Norah shortly after the shower.  Congratulations to the Family Robinson.  xo  

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