Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Aurora Trails are a little dangerous still

How can a little walk turn into a grand adventure.  Finally there was a little lull in the resume pool.  Up my creaking bones went.  Stop grumping about the weather.  Off I go.  Coat, hat, mitts, scarf and camera, oh yes and boots are on and I am heading down to the pond.  Wonder if there will be any swans or just full of geese.  I'm thinking it is probably too early for the blue heron, but what the heck - I'm an OPTIMIST.  After all it is spring.

It may be spring, but it is March 26 not April 26.  Whatever, off I go.  I'm so excited to get back on the trails.  They look fine.  Oops I turn the corner, ok a little icy, nothing I can't manage.

Sometimes I even amaze myself at how my optimism can turn into "stupidity".  No turning back for me.  (I can hear my bffs saying "thank goodness she didn't call me").  There are about a dozen trees that I became very intimate with.  At one point I was trying to decide whether I should just climb one of the neighbours fences.  On the walk down the most interesting things I saw were my feet and an amazing amount of dog poop.  Whatever happened to poop and scoop.

 The pond is still a hockey rink.  Not a bird anywhere, probably scared them off with all my cursing and becoming one with nature on the way down.

For the first time ever it took me longer to walk down to the pond then it did to walk home.  My brightest decision of the day was to walk up the road on the way home.  Hopefully no one will notice me as a I huff and puff my way home.

btw I talked to someone in Muskoka today and they are guessing the ice on the lakes won't go out until the 3rd week in April as for the next 14 days it is still expected to be below zero up there at night time.  (I guess it gives me more time to get my body back into bathing suit shape :))

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