Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crisp Air and Clear Blue Skies in Barrie

-7C downright balmy compared to -17C.  Blue skies, crisp air, boots are on and I'm heading up to the Barrie waterfront for a walk with my good friend MJ.  It is March 23 the ice must be starting to go out.  One day a lake of white, the next (well maybe it takes a couple of days) and it's all water again.  Bring on Spring.  

LOL  The spring breakup hasn't even started.  Kempenfelt Bay is still as white as can be.  Maybe we'll walk on the lake - NOT ME.  I like ice in my drink not underneath me.  

Barrie has a beautiful waterfront.  All the stores, houses and condos are built well back from the water.  MJ and I pull into a beautiful parking lot, park the car and notice you have to pay for parking.  You're kidding me.  A public waterfront that you have to pay for.  And not only pay for, but pay exorbitantly for.  $3/hr - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - Strictly Enforced.  Holy mackerel.  

Being the proper Scot that I am, I decide to do a little drive to see if there is any "free" parking.  Guess what - nope - they are all paid parking.  Well I keep going and we come to a lovely little residential street with a lovely pathway down by the water.  It's free, we're stopping and off we set on our little walk.  

Glad to see the ice fishing huts are being removed.  Only 3 left and they were all close to shore.  

Snowmobiles yes - motorcycles zipping across the ice was definitely a first for me.  
No I wasn't on it, 

Waiting for summer.  These chairs face due west I can just picture baking there in the summer:)

I love the gate above, but I'm glad I'm not 6 feet tall or boink on that light.  

What do you think is that a cat or a skunk.  Possibly a twist on the dog house.  Wonder what you have to do to get sent to the skunk house.  

5800 steps for our little walk.  Definitely deserved a McCafe French Vanilla Latte after that.  Back into town and parked by the water while we sipped on our coffee.  Barrie is a beautiful town and being only 30 minutes away I will definitely be back and yes next time I'll pay for parking.

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