Monday, April 10, 2017

Ice is leaving Lake Muskoka

April 10 and 23 degrees, how can I resist the pull of the cottage.  It is always interesting at this time of year to see what surprises await you when you head to Muskoka.  Lots of construction on the Hwys 400 and 11, but still smooth sailing all the way to Gravenhurst.  A quick stop at the McDonald's to use the bathroom and grab a Vanilla Latte.

The sun is shining so I need to stop for a quick view of the Segwun and Wenonah.  Last time I saw them they were encased in ice and snow.  WOOHOO, the snow is gone and the ice has almost disappeared.

 Definitely no hockey being played here now.  There was a big tournament going on when we popped up in February.

 Next stop our cottage.  It is amazing how excited we are for spring and yet the beginning of spring isn't really very pretty, it is like fall before the first snow.  Regretting now that we didn't rake in the fall (we were a wee bit busy :).  But if this weather keeps up, it won't take long for them all to dry out.  First pleasant surprise was that I could drive down to the cottage.  90% of the snow was gone.
 Looking down the lake from our porch and across the lake.  I love the patterns the water makes as the ice goes out.

Well I grabbed some bedding to start crisping everything up for the season, cleaned out the eaves and the ditches to get the water flowing and I am off to Bala.
 This is a view back to the Kee to Bala.

 Man I can't believe there is any water left in Muskoka after seeing the falls at Bala.  According to all the radio reports they are expecting major flooding again this year.  I don't know where it is all coming from because this is the best I have ever seen our docks look, normally they are about 6 inches under water, today they were a foot above water.
 Above is the back of this historic church.  I am always amazed it hasn't washed away with the force of the water coming down the chute.

 So excited I finally found the setting to get the velvety water look, I just am not sure what I did :).  Will have to keep practicing.
 The Bala bridge is being reconstructed, hopefully it is finished before the summer.  It is down to one lane, dirty and you can't walk along the falls.  The line-ups to get through are going to be horrendous this summer.

Final view is the Moon River looking down towards Georgian Bay, that is where all that water is heading. I love heading down Hwy 38 over to the 400 from here, it is such a nice drive.  Always hoping I'll see a Moose.  One day.

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