Monday, April 17, 2017

A Day at Woodbine watching the Horses

Our family Easter dinner was celebrated on Saturday as children were off visiting in-laws on Sunday.  It is actually a good day to do dinner with older children as they all hang around, although that does mean they drink more wine :).  All of a sudden I realize that the Leaf game is on, so I move the schedule up and dinner is served at 5 so we can be cleaned up and settled before the Leaf game.  Have to get our priorities right.

This now means for us we have a quiet Sunday and somehow again it is arranged perfectly that Fresh Princess, a beautiful horse that David owns a share off, is racing at Woodbine.  What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Fresh Princess smiles for the camera.  :).  Getting ready for the start of the race.

 The family waiting for us down by the finish line, it is a great place to watch the race from as they go thundering by.

Unfortunately Fresh Princess got boxed in and by the time she moved to the outside she was only able to claim 3rd place, but what a burst she put on at the end to almost win.   She is going to be a very exciting horse to watch this year.  

After the race we were lucky enough to be invited back to the barn to take pictures of the happy celebrity as she ate her fill of hay.

David has bought a share in 4 horses with Tony.  The other horses are Clickety Clack of which Andrew Jim and Jay are also partial owners, Kelowna Kat and Liddyup.

The curious Kelowna Kat, also making her racing debut this year.  

 This is lovely Liddyup below.

All the horses are very friendly, but Clickety Clak loved the attention and getting her picture taken.  The boys are excited about her first race which will be sometime this year.  Hopefully the next picture will have Jay here, and wouldn't it be nice if it is in the winners circle :).

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