Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring is here and the birds are back in Aurora

April has brought the return of so many birds to my backyard.  What fun it is to work from home with my office facing out into the backyard.  There are days when I feel like I might get whiplash as these little birds flit back and forward in front of my window, so fast that most of the time I don't even catch the type of bird it is.

The month started off with them trying to stay warm as the last major snowfall of the year coated our yards.  Lots of activity around the bird feeders.  It is amazing, it's like they have a schedule.  It is always busy around 9, 12 and 5.  I think they just travel up and down the neighbourhood eating.

These are dark eyed Juncos.

The lovely little sparrow which abounds in Ontario.  I don't know vrry much about birds so feel free to correct me.  :)

 This is the red breasted sparrow/nuthatch  I didn't know they were in the same family.  But a pretty wee thing.

The elusive cardinal.  They are so hard to get pictures of.  As soon as you move they move.  Most of these pictures were taken through my picture window so I'm surprised they turned out as good as they did.  Cardinals are a spiritual bird - "Cardinals appear when Angels are near".

How excited are we when we see the Red Red Robin bobbin along.  Spring is definitely close when they are near.
Every spring and every fall this handsome Pileated Woodpecker appears in our backyard.  It seems we have lots of dead trees to keep them happy for awhile.  Usually in June he appears at the cottage, I love thinking it is the same one following us up north, sometimes with a younger one tagging along.
Thank you birds for entertaining myself and my cats as we wait for spring to finally burst forward.

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